June 22, 2021
Amit Chaudhuri

Amit Chaudhuri

  • Argufying

    The problem of Indian modernity and humanism needs to be examined afresh -- if Indian modernity is a way of...

  • Oh, For The Return Of The Clown Prince
    Oh, For The Return Of The Clown Prince

    Give us the Rushdie who is louche, open to enthusiasm, strange yet intimate, who could be himself rather than...

  • The Writer's World
    The Writer's World

    The discussion of writing in V.S. Naipaul's work is more than a literary discussion on technique and...

  • In The Waiting-Room Of History
    In The Waiting-Room Of History

    Chakrabarty's book is not only an unusually sustained and nuanced argument against European ideas of...

  • Distant Thunder
    Distant Thunder

    'Back in Calcutta after a month in England, I found that a debate, or a public difference of opinion, between...

  • Wage A War To Win Your Peace
    Wage A War To Win Your Peace

    The Constitution, not the Hindu Right, grants the Muslim his place in the country. It's his Indianness he can...

  • Literature: Buddhadev Bose
    Literature: Buddhadev Bose

    To make a pronouncement on who might be the pre-eminent literary figure of post-independence India is both...

  • Slipping Into Silence
    Slipping Into Silence

    The renaissance Bengali, a being always about to vanish from history into silence, has now probably ceased to...

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