November 24, 2020

Ajit Kumar Singh

  • A Year of Failure
    A Year of Failure

    Despite an occasional counter-insurgency ‘success’ such as at Duli, the Maoists retain ample capacities...

  • Blood On The Tracks
    Blood On The Tracks

    Given the rampaging expansion of Maoist attacks, it is clear that the security establishment will not be able...

  • Red Money
    Red Money

    On the Maoist Money trail: success would mean dismantling the resource generation networks spread across...

  • The Trouble With Talking
    The Trouble With Talking

    When the state itself sows confusion, there can be no prizes for guessing who gains.

  • Strategies Of Failure
    Strategies Of Failure

    When no coherent objectives are defined, the outcome is irrelevant. Current capacities and 'strategies' in...

  • Floundering In A Long War
    Floundering In A Long War

    The challenge of Maoist extremism is not insurmountable. But hasty and misdirected initiatives, far from...

  • Macabre Reminder
    Macabre Reminder

    By proving they can strike at will, the Naxalites are sending tough signals to the government weeks before it...

  • The Blind Men Of Hindoostan
    The Blind Men Of Hindoostan

    2009 has begun with a startling victory at Kilinochchi. With the necessary political and military will, this...

  • Shattered Haven
    Shattered Haven

    Colombo is clearly readying for a final showdown, and the LTTE has limited capacities to resist the state's...

  • Butter With Guns
    Butter With Guns

    Despite significant economic impact, the recent escalation in violence in Sri Lanka has failed to derail the...

  • Target Colombo
    Target Colombo

    In light of the severe reverses suffered by the LTTE in the East, there are apprehensions that the outfit...

  • Tigers Down Under
    Tigers Down Under

    The LTTE is yet to be outlawed in Australia which is also one of its largest sources of funding. But its...

  • Batticaloa, The Lost Citadel
    Batticaloa, The Lost Citadel

    Despite setbacks, as has been its practice, the weakened LTTE has resorted to terrorist and guerrilla tactics...

  • Colonel's Control
    Colonel's Control

    Sri Lanka continues to deny any link between its Army and the breakaway Karuna faction of the LTTE. Karuna...

  • A Tactical Retreat
    A Tactical Retreat

    A decline in Naxal violence is no cause for complacency. It is in the complex processes of political...

  • Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragons?
    Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragons?

    The LTTE's flight from the East demonstrates that it is substantially weakened but the scale and character of...

  • Shadows Of Subversion
    Shadows Of Subversion

    With elections due in summer, and rising political rhetoric on law and order, security and subversion and...

  • The Bloodied Island
    The Bloodied Island

    It is clear that there is a war in Sri Lanka, and all conventional indicators confirm this reality. A...

  • Subversion Sans Borders
    Subversion Sans Borders

    Nepal Maoist chief Prachanda's 'dislcosure' that Pakistan's ISI had offered help to his outfit through...

  • The Return Of War
    The Return Of War

    Geneva talks met with predictable failure and if the mounting number of Cease Fire Agreement violations is...

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