May 18, 2021
Ajai Sahni

Ajai Sahni

  • Blind Destinies
    Blind Destinies

    The decisions of outside forces will overwhelmingly determine, as they have for centuries now, the trajectory...

  • The Trouble With Talking
    The Trouble With Talking

    When the state itself sows confusion, there can be no prizes for guessing who gains.

  • Uncertain Respite
    Uncertain Respite

    We need to focus on urgent efforts to build, consolidate and reorient the state’s capacities to deal with...

  •  A Stygian Dark
    A Stygian Dark

    The Pakistan Army – already overextended in campaigns in NWFP and Balochistan – prepares to be challenged...

  • In a Hurry, Going Nowhere
    In a Hurry, Going Nowhere

    The current anti-Naxalite operations, reflecting little by way of plan or purpose, are at best a faith in...

  • An Area Of Darkness
    An Area Of Darkness

    Gilgit-Baltistan ranks among the most beautiful places in the world. It is, however, a region of the most...

  • The Peacock And The Ostrich
    The Peacock And The Ostrich

    The response to the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai demonstrated, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that we were way...

  • Ages of Unreason
    Ages of Unreason

    While Maoists remain on a rampage, political parties are busy scored, even as some idiot solutions do the...

  • Power Games In The Name Of People
    Power Games In The Name Of People

    The Maoists aren't here to redress specific popular grievances. They didn't 'capture' Lalgarh. They were...

  • Out Of Chaos
    Out Of Chaos

    The end of the war in Sri Lanka marks the beginnings of a new struggle to secure an equitable political order...

  • After the Age Of The Spoiler
    After the Age Of The Spoiler

    The surprise electoral outcome provides the new regime an opportunity to implement its pledge of a...

  • The Blind Men Of Hindoostan
    The Blind Men Of Hindoostan

    2009 has begun with a startling victory at Kilinochchi. With the necessary political and military will, this...

  • Strategic Vastu Shastra
    Strategic Vastu Shastra

    'Tough laws' or hollow metastructures like the NIA are no solutions to terror. What is needed is greater...

  • The Uneducable Indian
    The Uneducable Indian

    Many journalists ask the routine question after each of the increasingly frequent major terrorist strikes...

  • Fractured Vision
    Fractured Vision

    The argument has been put forward that 'innocent Muslims' are being targeted in the spate of recent arrests...

  • Dreams And Nightmares
    Dreams And Nightmares

    Zardari's declarations of intent notwithstanding, the nightmare that is Pakistan cannot be transformed unless...

  • The Riot Of Red Flags
    The Riot Of Red Flags

    The Indian Maoists are – and have long been – working to a plan. Their strategy exploits the...

  • Idiot Philosophies
    Idiot Philosophies

    We heard about 'decompression' and other such absurdities but no coherent advocacy of the rule of law, the...

  • The Siege Within
    The Siege Within

    The gravest threat to India's security is not Pakistan, not the ISI, not terrorism, but the limitless acts of...

  • Fighting The Maoists With Mantras
    Fighting The Maoists With Mantras

    Two dramatic attacks in rapid succession in the Malkangiri district of Orissa – on June 29 and again on...

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