March 09, 2021
Rajesh Ramachandran

Rajesh Ramachandran

Editor-in-Chief Outlook Magazine

Rajesh Ramachandran is a Delhi-based journalist with over two decades of experience in daily, magazine and TV journalism doing political analysis and commentary and breaking big stories like the coffin scam, and the BALCO valuation scandal. He has... Read Full Bio >>

  • Padmini And The Elite
    Padmini And The Elite

    The more the elite sniggers at pre-modern ideas like Sita or Hanuman or Saraswati and upholds someone like...

  • Suffocatingly, Yours
    Suffocatingly, Yours

    Sure, we will suffer this year’s smog in suffocation. But, let me let out a big secret, there will be crop...

  • Torture As Evidence
    Torture As Evidence

    Who killed Pradyuman Thakur is important. But more important is that Ashok Kumar, the school bus conductor,...

  • Khichdi Of Pulkistan
    Khichdi Of Pulkistan

    Is the glorification of khichdi another way of celebrating the first anniversary of demonetisation?

  • Future And Past
    Future And Past

    Whether print lives or not, many have for long been writing the obituary of magazine journalism.

  • Som And Khan
    Som And Khan

    This hatred for the Mughals and unrequited admiration for the British is something inexplicable in most...

  • Asthma And Mutton Fry
    Asthma And Mutton Fry

    Does asthma have a religion? Till recently, that is till someone shoved religion into our constricted...

  • Death For Moustache
    Death For Moustache

    As for the ‘Mr. Dalit’ Whatsapp campaign, the Dalits have once again shown the world that they will not...

  • The BHU Model
    The BHU Model

    These BHU administrators sound more like some mullahs of the Muslim Personal Law Board holding on to their...

  • Envy And Greed
    Envy And Greed

    If our national politics is a ring, with its lions, hippos, elephants and trapeze artists, journalists should...

  • Mea Culpa
    Mea Culpa

    The best way to ensure quality in government hospitals and schools is to make the bureaucrats go there as...

  • Gauri Lankesh
    Gauri Lankesh

    “Were Gauri’s words so powerful that you had to exhibit your machismo by shooting her down?"

  • Homicidal Railwaymen
    Homicidal Railwaymen

    Ashwani Lohani, the new railway chairman, is a turnaround specialist with a proven track record. Here is an...

  • New Laws For Old Men
    New Laws For Old Men

    If the SC has rescued Muslim women from the tyranny of instant talaq, it is still a triple whammy for them...

  • Why I am A Gandhian
    Why I am A Gandhian

    Gandhian idealism, which consumes the practitioner, could also cleanse souls. His best followers were those...

  • I-Day Fever
    I-Day Fever

    Be it the dismally backward UP or the scintillatingly progressive Kerala, our government hospitals are...

  • Hypocrisy

    What really unites and exemplifies politicians of various hues are double standards.

  • Nitish Kumar’s U-Turns
    Nitish Kumar’s U-Turns

    'Can it be called opportunism? Yes, of course. Or is it mere practice of power politics? Yes, again, is the...

  • Dump The Diva
    Dump The Diva

    Is it time for Dalits to dump Mayawati and move on? The Dalits need a philosopher, a doer to inspire and...

  • Saleem The Saviour
    Saleem The Saviour

    In India, violent death seems to be the only constant and uniting factor that binds the nation together...

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