June 20, 2021
Rajesh Ramachandran

Rajesh Ramachandran

Editor-in-Chief Outlook Magazine

Rajesh Ramachandran is a Delhi-based journalist with over two decades of experience in daily, magazine and TV journalism doing political analysis and commentary and breaking big stories like the coffin scam, and the BALCO valuation scandal. He has... Read Full Bio >>

  • Till Messiah Come, Again
    Till Messiah Come, Again

    The greatest care-giver, the Mahatma, sacrificed himself to keep the nation sane. His sacrifice stopped the...

  • Gandhi’s Spectacles
    Gandhi’s Spectacles

    For Gandhi, the solution to sanitation and equality was the same: we should all become bhangis, the old term...

  • Fake News Busters
    Fake News Busters

    Biggest fake news outlets are the right-wing hate factories—TV channels rolling on TRPs, communal,...

  • Zucker & Sucker
    Zucker & Sucker

    Now that Facebook has proven how easy it is to make money out of other people’s digital poop, all companies...

  • Congress & Media
    Congress & Media

    After the stupendous performance of the Congress and Rahul in Gujarat, Congress workers believe that they can...

  • We Said It!
    We Said It!

    SP-BSP alliance is a solid bloc. This political understanding is going to be a game­changer in 2019, if it...

  • Concussion

    We invoke Gandhi and claim that we are non-violent; we build statues for Ambedkar to claim that we are...

  • The Tamil Country
    The Tamil Country

    Saddest contradictions are Tamil politicians. They are probably the worst opportunists and the most corrupt,...

  • Dalit Atrocities
    Dalit Atrocities

    What if we trust Anshu Prakash’s version? Every chief secretary of every state ought to be brought to the...

  • Nirav Modi
    Nirav Modi

    Be they the cooperative bank scamsters of Maharashtra or the chit fund frauds of West Bengal, the powerless...

  • Of Pundits And Punters
    Of Pundits And Punters

    No wonder the NDA is obsessed with the cow. The cow belt alone voted in the first single-party government...

  • Saluting The DM
    Saluting The DM

    I salute you, DM of Bareilly. Sure, Chandan Gupta shouldn’t have been killed in Kasganj and we grieve for...

  • Happy R-Day!
    Happy R-Day!

    There is a lot wrong with our society—politically, economically and socially. Will we ever be able to melt...

  • Rani Nirbhaya
    Rani Nirbhaya

    What make the gang-rape and murder of our Nirbhayas less honourable than the jauhar of Rani Padmini? This...

  • Why Not Srirangapatna?
    Why Not Srirangapatna?

    It doesn’t make any sense for modern-day Dalit leaders to celebrate British victories because the British...

  • The New VC
    The New VC

    If the government ensures that corporate hospitals are not allowed to ext­ort the relatives of a dead...

  • The Good God
    The Good God

    Nobody should be allowed to claim superiority for his God over his neighbour’s. The very logic of...

  • Two Elections
    Two Elections

    The Gujarat polls proved conclusively that identity politics survives decades of single-party rule and...

  • Madness!

    If we want to be called a civilised society, a progressive polity and a constitutional democracy, we need to...

  • Ramayanam As Tragedy
    Ramayanam As Tragedy

    Until the Left and the Centre revisit Gandhi’s Rama, the Right will continue to monopolise the religious...

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