October 18, 2020

Bishan Singh Bedi

  • 1967 Cricket Diary
    1967 Cricket Diary

    Amid the hustle-bustle of India’s ongoing home ODI and T20 series against New Zealand, people seem to have...

  • 'He Introduced A Sense Of Indianness'
    'He Introduced A Sense Of Indianness'

    'He’d try to make us proud of being Indian. He’d say: "Look, we’re Indians first. We’re not playing...

  • Bindra's Bogus Patriotism
    Bindra's Bogus Patriotism

    And how money-grubbing Board mandarins are ruining cricket

  • Lean Side Of Leadership
    Lean Side Of Leadership

    In contrast to the tenacious Pakistanis, the Indian 'think tank' looked bereft of ideas, involvement and...

  • Tangled Web, We Unweave
    Tangled Web, We Unweave

    The constricted limited-overs format has killed the art of spin

  • This Is Hogwash
    This Is Hogwash

    This is not the last we’ll hear of murky dealings; order a proper probe

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