Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

Sooraj Pancholi On Bombay HC’s Order Against Jiah Khan’s Mother: Only I Know What I Have Been Going Through

The Bombay High Court passed an order saying that Jiah Khan’s Rabiya Khan is only trying to delay the trial by claiming that it was a homicide.

Sooraj Pancholi and Jiah Khan
Sooraj Pancholi and Jiah Khan Google

The late actress Jiah Khan’s case has made it to the headlines yet again. In the recent development, the Bombay High Court, on 28 September, passed an order saying that Jiah’s Rabiya Khan is only trying to delay the trial by insisting that it was a homicide. The High Court also accused Khan of delaying the trial even when the CBI carried out a fair, impartial and thorough probe into the suicide of her daughter. 

However, Rabiya has been insisting for long that her daughter’s death was not a suicide, and it was murder. She also claimed that her daughter Jiah, who was found dead in 2013 in her Mumbai home, was verbally, and physically tortured by Sooraj Pancholi, Jiah’s boyfriend at the time of her death. 

Now, keeping the latest order of the court in mind, Sooraj, who has breathed a sigh of relief, tells us, “I have been battling this case and these false accusations against me for the past 10 years now, and it has deeply affected me as a person, only I know what I have been going through all these years.” 

Sooraj Pancholi was charged with abetment to suicide in the Jiah Khan Murder case
Sooraj Pancholi On The Jiah Khan Murder Case: I Don’t Know How I Survived The Last Eight Years Source: Instagram

He adds, “I have immense respect and I have always maintained my dignity towards Jiah’s family. I plead that her family and I both have a fair trial and I pray that this comes to an end soon”

In fact, Sooraj’s mother Zarina Wahab, in her conversation with The Times of India, said that while the Pancholi family’s sympathy is with Rabiya, as she has lost her daughter, whatever she has been doing to the kids is wrong. 

“Sometimes people try to blame someone else to hide their own mistakes. This could have happened 9 years ago. She has been delaying the judgement intentionally,” Zarina told TOI, adding, “She knows the truth. She should come out of it and not punish an innocent child. She knows from the beginning that it is not Sooraj’s fault. Despite that, she is doing all this.”