Friday, Jul 01, 2022

Filmmaker Satish Kaushik Shares His Bad Experience With Go First Airline

Filmmaker and actor Satish Kaushik described the situation in great detail in his post.

Satish Kaushik Instagram/satishkaushik2178

Netizens have taken notice of a post by filmmaker and actor Satish Kaushik. Kaushik shared his bad experience with Go First Airlines on Instagram and Twitter. He described his terrible flight from Mumbai to Dehradun and said that the airline was using "dubious ways to profit from customers.”

Kaushik detailed an account of the issue. He began his message by describing how he had booked two tickets for a trip from Mumbai to Dehradun, but one of the seats was assigned to another person who refused to give up their seat. "My office booked two seats (Satish Kaushik / Ajay Rai) in the first row with middle seat also and paid 25K in G8 2315 from Mum-Dehradun on 23rd June. But alas they sold the middle seat to another passenger in spite of my office paying for it. Mr Zubin from Go First tried to help by telling the other passenger that he would adjust his next flight since the flight was full and there was no seat but that passenger was adamant," read the caption, according to a report by India Today.

He further added, ”after the fellow passenger did not get a seat and the flight was on hold I decided to offer the seat to him. Zubin and air hostesses who were aghast at the mistake of their own organisation thanked me. The Air hostess told me that I will mail her airline office about this unfortunate glitch from their side and give you an apology. Zubin told me that I will inform the office to get a refund of the money for that seat.”

However, Kaushik’s refund is yet to be processed by the airline.

With over 1,100 likes, Kaushik’s post drew a lot of attention, with people sharing their negative experiences with the same airline. 

Go First Airways has apologised for the inconvenience caused in response to Kaushik's tweet.