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National Endangered Species Day: ‘The Ivory Game’ To ‘More Than Honey’ – Must Watch Documentaries

As the world celebrates National Endangered Species Day, here are some of the most well-researched documentaries on species which are on the brink of extinction.

National Endangered Species Day: ‘The Ivory Game’ To ‘More Than Honey’ – Must Watch Documentaries
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There are numerous species around the world that are on the verge of extinction. To create awareness about the dying species, every third Friday in the month of May, National Endangered Species Day is celebrated across the world. The major goal of the event is to raise public awareness about endangered species and to bring into the limelight the strategies to conserve them.

Over the years, there have been numerous documentaries made on this topic. As the world celebrates National Endangered Species Day, here are a few such documentaries which are a must-watch for all movie fans:

‘The Ivory Game’

Where To Watch: Netflix

Greed, power, corruption, and above all the price of ivory – all of these are major factors in the fast fall of African elephant populations. These majestic, kind-hearted creatures are in grave danger of becoming just a memory in people's minds. ‘The Ivory Game’ is a jarring documentary that exposes the audience to the harsh reality that is living in faraway places and far plains. Elephants are being hunted relentlessly, but a few good Samaritans are enforcing the law in the hope that poachers would lay down their firearms.

‘More Than Honey’

Bumblebees have suffered massive losses in recent years, and it's unclear why. The rusty patched bumblebee was designated endangered a few years back, making it the first bumblebee species to be declared so across the world. ‘More Than Honey’ focuses on these sly fliers as the crew attempts to identify the cause of the unexplained colony collapse disorder as well as the large-scale economic consequences of the missing bumblebees altogether as a species.

‘Last Chance To See’

Actor Stephen Fry and British columnist Mark Carwardine embark on a quest to locate some of the world's rarest and most endangered species before they vanish forever in ‘Last Chance To See’. Along the way, they come across ancient-looking Komodo dragons, giant white rhinos, and beautiful manatees. They end the documentary with a poignant question – will they be the last ones to see these creatures before they go extinct?

‘Humpback Whales’

Humpback whale populations have recovered after being hunted to near extinction. Most populations of these massive marine creatures have been removed from the endangered species list, but they are far from extinct. Actor Ewan McGregor's narrated documentary ‘Humpback Whales’ investigates these gigantic, beautiful marine mammals, showing the route that led to their near extinction and how they were saved.

‘Polar Bear: Spy On The Ice’

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Video

Polar bears are some of the most intriguing and curious animals on the planet, but capturing them on camera may be difficult, especially when most appear to assume camera equipment is only for them. ‘Polar Bear: Spy On The Ice’ employs robotic camera systems to capture these enthralling creatures in their native habitat, a feat that is becoming increasingly difficult to do owing to climate change.

‘Martin Clunes: A Lion Called Mugie’

African lions have been hunted to near extinction, but their species has now been listed in the Endangered Species Act in the US, offering them some kind of protection from those eager to hang another trophy on their walls. ‘Martin Clunes: A Lion Called Mugie’ follows actor Martin Clunes to Kenya to see an orphaned lion baby named Mugie.

‘Snow Wolf Family And Me’

Grey wolf numbers in the United States were in the single digits in 1920. The 1973 Endangered Species Act helped to boost their numbers, but wolves have been on and off the endangered species list for decades. Scottish filmmaker Gordon Buchanan travels across the Canadian wilderness in quest of arctic wolves who have never seen people. Buchanan is interested to understand how these fearsome packs of animals become man's greatest friends. However, these animals are also equally curious about humankind and it shows evidently in Buchanan’s documentary.


Where To Watch: Netflix

One of humanity's most distant living ancestors is in grave danger. Mountain gorillas are highly endangered, with just around 880 remaining in the wild as per a report in 2017. These primates endure everyday dangers from poaching, violence, habitat damage, and unknown diseases, but they do have supporters on at least one front: Virunga National Park rangers. These courageous cops have formed deep and significant ties with the great apes they have pledged to guard, and they are willing to go to any length to secure their safety.