SEC Ether ETF Approval Opens Door For Bullish Rally – 5 Top DeFi Coins That Will Give 10x Returns In June

In view of this, investing in crypto tokens with promising potential is key to generating profits in the near future. Some of the top DeFi coins that have been projected to see a surging uptrend in the coming weeks and months include.

Over the last six months, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has granted spot ETF approvals for top cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This development points toward more mainstream adoption of crypto tokens worldwide.

In view of this, investing in crypto tokens with promising potential is key to generating profits in the near future. Some of the top DeFi coins that have been projected to see a surging uptrend in the coming weeks and months include:

  • KangaMoon (KANG)

  • Chainlink (LINK)

  • THORChain (RUNE)

  • Aave (AAVE)

  • Ethena (ENA)

These tokens were carefully researched and selected based on their bullish potential in the short and long-term basis. Find out more:

KangaMoon on Investors Watchlist as Token Gets Listing Spots

Not all presale tokens get listed on some of the most referenced price tracking sites like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko unless there's a significant show of potential. With a sky-high growth potential, it is only natural that KangaMoon (KANG) has been listed on these two platforms even while the project is still in its presale stage.

In describing KangaMoon's surging momentum and reputation, the token has gained over 400% in price value within its presale phases. Also, KangaMoon has raised over $7.3 million from presale buyouts. Judging from the surging momentum and progress of KangaMoon, experts are projecting a 450% value growth for the token before launch and further price uptrend after the token starts trading on the blockchain.

Meanwhile, users have the opportunity to become presale investors by buying the KANG token now at the price of $0.025. Given the sky-high potential of the KANG token coupled with the token's utility on the KangaMoon ecosystem, the KANG token could be one of the best DeFi coins to buy in 2024. As is always known, early investors of sky-high potential tokens like KangaMoon make the most profits.

As a platform, KangaMoon is a blockchain protocol that facilitates play-to-earn gaming adventure while rewarding deserving members with collectibles, NFTs, and even the KANG token that can be exchanged for cash. With the growing KANG community and its inroads into the crypto industry, the KANG token can only grow more popular, thereby increasing the token's value over time.

Price Precedent of Chainlink Looks Promising for Future Rally

Chainlink's price over the past year has shown just how much potential it harbors. For context, the price of Chainlink has gained about 170% in value over the past year based on market data. This significant uptrend has sent Chainlink to establish support above the $17 mark from its initial average of $14 last month.


Also, over the past month, Chainlink has gained over 22%, further showing that the token’s short and long-term price trajectory is bullish. It is looking increasingly likely that Chainlink's current bullish trajectory is coming to continue way into the future, making it one of the best DeFi coins to buy. It won't be out of place to project a $25 to $30 trading value for Chainlink in the coming weeks.

THORChain Grows Another Notch After a Hugely Successful Q1

As a liquidity protocol, THORChain (RUNE) is created to facilitate cross-chain transactions across multiple blockchain networks without losing full custody of assets. THORChain has recorded massive transaction growth in Q1 and is replicating these numbers weeks into Q2. For context, THORChain has integrated new features as well as overseeing 53% volume growth in Q1. There's also 48% growth in liquidity, 57% server growth, and more milestones in Q1.

THORChain is also recording success in the crypto market as the RUNE native token's performance shines. For context, market stats show relative stability in THORChain's price in Q2, having established support above the $5 mark. However, with the growing momentum of THORChain's trading volume, the price of the token could surge above the $10 mark in the coming weeks.


Aave Price Surpasses the $100 Mark, Looks to Go Beyond $120

Aave (AAVE) is one of the top DeFi tokens that has been on an upward trajectory since the start of May. For context, Aave's price started just above the $80 mark, having witnessed a significant retracement in April. So far, Aave has gained over 32% in value within the past month and is trading above the $100 mark.

Notably, the price trajectory of the Aave coin in the crypto market suggests it could reclaim its year-high price value of over $140, which the token oversaw in March 2024. The growing market activity of Aave's trading volume further underscores the token's potential for a significant rally. If the bullish projection happens, Aave's market cap could see a rise into the $2 billion valuation.

Ethena (ENA) on Course to Establish a Lasting Support Above the $1 Mark

While Ethena (ENA) is a relatively new crypto in the blockchain, having launched on April 2nd, the token has hit the ground running with bullish momentum. The surging momentum saw Ethena's price reach an all-time price peak just over a week after its launch, reaching $1.5 in the process. Since then, Ethena has struggled to maintain support above the $1 mark.


While Ethena's price has gained about 33% from its launch value, one hurdle it'll look to beat is going beyond $1. Following last week's price rally of over 28% for Ethena, the token is on course to establish lasting support above and beyond the $1 mark. A sustained bullish sentiment could see the token reach $2 in the coming weeks.


From the analysis carried out on the DeFi tokens to invest in, one can see a significant chance of generating exponential gains in the short and long-term future. When choosing which one to focus more on investing, KangaMoon stands out with its early stage surge yet to be explored.

There's also the prospect of gaining from its post-launch rally, all of which will be possible if one invests in the presale now. Overall, KangaMoon and these four coins have the potential to generate ROIs for investors who would invest in them now.


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