Tuesday 26 July 2016
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For the soul of Amjad Sabri
Manash Bhattacharjee Wed Jun 29, 2016

The cricket icon is reported to have tried to curry favour with Defence Minister Parrikar for a friend's property adjoining defence land in Mussoorie. Parrikar is said to have declined to help. The recipient of India's top honour is also busy endorsing various products. Is India's legendary batsman insulting the Bharat Ratna, which was given to him after amending rules?

POLL STARTED ON: Jul 19, 2016
Kashmir has been the scene for massive protests following the killing of Hizbul commander Burhan Wani on July 8. “Non-lethal” pellet guns used against the protesters have blinded many and 45-odd people have died in the face-off against security forces. The scale of protests have led to frayed tempers in the mainland with many resorting to high-voltage jingoism. But how well do you know Kashmir? Find out, take this quiz.
QUIZ STARTED ON: Jul 25, 2016
National Opinion July 24, 2016
Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar do not deserve the Bharat Ratna and both have misused their fame.
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It’s not just passports and flags, the Centre’s Naga pact is a big secret
National Interview July 20, 2016
On dynastic politics, the veteran Congress leader said if only family mattered how come Rao and Singh got to be PMs.
National Opinion July 18, 2016
A Quarter Century of Market Reform Leaves India Richer With Wider Inequality
National NEWS ANALYSIS July 18, 2016
The BJP's attempts to mollify Sidhu with a Rajya Sabha nominations seems to have gone waste.
International View From Britain July 25, 2016
The Corbyn camp sees MI5 role in attempts to discredit him before the Labour Party elects its new leader
International Opinion July 25, 2016
Peaceful acts — peace being a word that, even rhetorically, has gone out of style in “wartime” Washington — are still possible in this world.
International Opinion July 22, 2016
Andrea Leadsom's ideology urges her to see the environment as impediment to profit
International View From Britain July 16, 2016
Why should parties have to grovel to oligarchs to win elections? Or, for that matter, trade unions?
International July 14, 2016
The second woman PM after Margaret Thatcher has a task that could have even daunted Churchill
Features Book Extract July 25, 2016
Unaware when co-option turns into comfort, and the minister and the journalist become friends. Each an extension of the other.
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Are Twitter, YouTube aware of the dangerous consequences that a different kind of image or message has in developing societies?
Features Book Extract June 13, 2016
Having won the attention of the press and public as a rich and good looking man, Donald Trump continually sought to keep it.
Features June 29, 2016
For the soul of Amjad Sabri
Features APPRAISAL June 23, 2016
His father was a hard taskmaster, and would wake Amjad up at 4 am for the pre-dawn riyaz of the raag Bhairon.
Features Opinion May 23, 2016
Marriage and home are one and the same, and both require an investment of effort to flourish against the buffeting of the world.