L'affaire Dinakaran
Full text of the letter to Vice President of India regarding the 3 member enquiry committee appointed to enquire into the motion for removal of Jusitce P.D. Dinakaran.
Prashant Bhushan, Campaign for Judicial Accountability and Reforms | Sat Jan 23, 2010
From a state of practically no analysis, we have gravitated to one of a plethora of analysis. Analysis for analysis sake without orienting it towards action has become the name of the game.
B. Raman | Sat Jan 23, 2010
China And Google
China is in no mood to take lessons from anybody, be it Google management, the Treasury or State department in Washington or human rights campaigners.
Jonathan Fenby | Fri Jan 22, 2010
China And Google
If the Google-China dispute was put to a vote in the UN, I’d bet the search-engine company would decisively lose. But, ultimately, we will see more freedom than China is currently willing to allow
Jeffrey Garten | Fri Jan 22, 2010
For The Record
'We look to the Chinese authorities to conduct a thorough review of the cyber intrusions that led Google to make its announcement. And we also look for that investigation and its results to be transparent'
Hillary Clinton | Fri Jan 22, 2010
'China's Internet Is Open'
MK suited Manmohan Singh's first term as it was spent establishing a new relationship with the US and EU countries, but now a distinguished diplomat with an open mind on Pakistan would perhaps fit the role better.
B. Raman on M.K. Narayanan | Fri Jan 22, 2010
View From Israel
The relationship between Turkey and Israel will probably return to normal, if not to its former degree of warmth. Turkey needs the help of the pro-Israel lobby in Washington.
Uri Avnery | Fri Jan 22, 2010
Despite the brouhaha over the minarets, European Muslims today are focused less on religious symbols and more on securing recognition as full-fledged European citizens.
Shada Islam | Thu Jan 21, 2010
Southern Spice
His own son might be named after a Russian leader, but for successive years, on Karunanidhi’s birthday, corporation hospitals in Chennai have had to entice parents with a gold ring to give their children Dravidian names.
Pushpa Iyengar | Thu Jan 21, 2010
In these bleak times for scribes, when every cricketer is media-trained, programmed to mouth politically correct platitudes, a Sehwag – a man who, to paraphrase a beloved cliché, doesn't live in the corridor of certainty – is a boon.
Rohit Mahajan | Thu Jan 21, 2010
Covering Haiti
Soon after almost every disaster the crimes begin: ruthless, selfish, indifferent to human suffering, and generating far more suffering...
Rebecca Solnit | Thu Jan 21, 2010
Bangalore Byte
The masala dosa, voted as the 'national dish' in Outlook's year-end food survey, is a recent phenomenon, an exotic adaptation that provoked profound civilisational arguments when it arrived...
Sugata Srinivasaraju | Wed Jan 20, 2010
Clearly, they need to have a legal existence first, along with needing a formal charter of their functions and responsibilities. R&AW still does not have a legal existence 42 years after its formation in 1968
B. Raman | Wed Jan 20, 2010
View From UK
Even when cloaked in the language of science, our relations with the natural world are still governed by irrationality and superstition.
George Monbiot | Wed Jan 20, 2010
View From Pakistan
Pakistan finds itself in the grip of multiple crises. How will it fare? Expert opinion is divided. Some believe the situation will worsen, some think it will stay the same, and some think it will improve. As Kipling might have said, they are all correct.
Ahmad Faruqui | Wed Jan 20, 2010
Since the 2009 polls, there's been lot of talk that the politics of caste, religion and regionalism is outdated. But let’s not kid ourselves about the “new” focus on governance and “development”.
Umair Ahmed Muhajir | Tue Jan 19, 2010
The intriguing concept of “silent tiebreaker”, which seemed suspiciously like a “bundle under the table”, and the non-sale of Pakistani players stood out in this time's auction.
Rohit Mahajan | Tue Jan 19, 2010
For The Record
'There is no reason why a democratic system like ours should not have a Standing Committee of Parliament on intelligence'
Hamid Ansari | Tue Jan 19, 2010
From The Blogs
'A sahib in a dhoti', a 'bhadralok', 'a pragmatic patriarch', 'Communist by training and patrician in temperament, Marxist by conviction and a liberal democrat in practice, mass leader and recluse...' And the 'destroyer of West Bengal'?
Sundeep Dougal | Mon Jan 18, 2010
Or, how the Media sees the departed Jyoti Basu -- a look at the obituaries and commentaries posted by two networks with widely different backgrounds and apparently different raison d’être. 
Rini Bhattacharya Mehta | Mon Jan 18, 2010
Why, for all his flaws and failures, does Jyoti Basu so impress us in death? Is it because the younger replacements for our departed and diminishing leaders just don’t have the personality, the stature, or the engagement with mass movements and politics?
Saba Naqvi | Mon Jan 18, 2010
Google may find it possible to stay on in China if Beijing promises to undertake a review of its internet censorship and security regulations, if not immediately, at least in the foreseeable future.
B. Raman | Mon Jan 18, 2010
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