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The Story of a Phenomenon: As India celebrates the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, the indelible place of his sojourns in the United States in giving shape to the mythographies that have developed around his life becomes all too apparent.
Vinay Lal
Web | Oct 04, 2013
Alumni cults have been there as long as there have been alumni. It’s a members only club, and it looks out for its own.
Sandipan Deb
Magazine | Oct 07, 2013
1939 - 2013
The Irish poet, who died today, gave an extraordinary insight into his work when he delivered the Nobel Lecture after being awarded the Prize for Literature in 1995
Seamus Heaney
Web | Aug 30, 2013
Francisco Luis Gomes, Goan polymath, was one of our earliest patriots. He can’t lie forgotten.
Aravind Adiga
Magazine | Sep 02, 2013
The biggest hypothetical question of the subcontinent
Zareer Masani
Magazine | Aug 19, 2013
Cover Story
Why banking on Hindu-Muslim polarisation is a folly
Saba Naqvi
Magazine | Aug 19, 2013
Essay: In China
And what of the Humanities? In China, as here, an ethical-normative mist is rising.
Prasanta Chakravarty, Brinda Bose
Magazine | Jul 01, 2013
Essay: agriculture
As the Manmohan Singh government makes evident its unfriendliness to villages, the nation hurtles towards disaster. It’s a danger no one wants to face.
Arun Sinha
Magazine | Jun 17, 2013
Were this a crisis out of which something creative could emerge. But it’s a paralysed polity, clinging on to power, and leaving the nation and its people all the poorer for it.
N. Ram
Magazine | May 27, 2013
As l'affaire Sajjan Kumar hits the headlines, we revisit the photographs that document the ongoing impact of the 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom in New Delhi
Gauri Gill
Web | May 01, 2013
‘Minorities’ have an inalienable claim on Pakistani nationalism—a spiritual-ethnic identity on a modernising quest
Javed Jabbar
Magazine | Apr 08, 2013
Book Extracts
'Tiger has not gone away; he continues to fill my life. He is around for me in many ways I did not expect... Much as I feel deprived, I do not feel alone'
Sharmila Tagore
Web | Mar 13, 2013
Book Extract
Saba Karim was hit in the right eye during an Asia Cup match in Dhaka. Tiger visited him in hospital, and Saba asked him how long it took him to recover.
Mike Brearley
Web | Mar 13, 2013
Book Excerpt
The secret history of Rama's appearance in Babri Masjid: what happened on the fateful night of December 22-23,1949 in Ayodhya that went on to change India’s polity forever
Krishna Jha, Dhirendra K Jha
Web | Feb 12, 2013
my name is shahrukh khan
We reprint the essay that led to an unwelcome invitation from Hafiz Saeed...
Shah Rukh Khan
Magazine | Feb 11, 2013
the Republic @ 64
A deep thirst for change in India must be met by the monolithic state
Pratap Bhanu Mehta
Magazine | Feb 04, 2013
A Changing World
Revolution has long been in the air. Will it really come to pass?
Niall Ferguson
Magazine | Jan 07, 2013
If Obama Can
The US must reclaim moral authority in foreign policy
Zbigniew Brzezinski
Magazine | Jan 07, 2013
Arab Spring
Simplistic binaries fail, in the Arab world as in the West
Roger Cohen
Magazine | Jan 07, 2013
A Cuban Benediction
As Cubans suffer a crisis of body and soul, the Church offers hope
Cardinal Jaime Ortega
Magazine | Jan 07, 2013
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