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This satirical essay was written in 1969 but still feels fresh and relevant today.
Shrilal Shukla
Web | Jun 20, 2014
Tribute Essay
We are answerable for having let our religious identities drive us to killing each other. Khushwant Singh has shown us some of our handiwork in Delhi.
Amitabha Bagchi
Web | Jun 13, 2014
Centenary Lecture
That's how Khwaja Ahmad Abbas described himself. Who was he? Why was he what he was? What social and ideological impulses motivated him? Why is his vision of continuing relevance?
Hamid Ansari
Web | Jun 10, 2014
A reporter once asked German theologian Dorothee Sölle, “How would you explain happiness to a child?”“I wouldn’t explain it,” she answered. “I’d toss him a ball and let him play.”
Eduardo Galeano
Web | Jun 09, 2014
essay: the gujarati difference
A historically mercantile culture, a centre-right leaning and an irreverent nature, the Gujarati is truly a thepla in the mix
Roma Shah
Magazine | Jun 02, 2014
A tribute to the Gujarati character, from someone who has lived and worked in the state for 20 years
V. Gangadhar
Magazine | Jun 02, 2014
Communal ideology and prejudice are easy to spot; it’s harder to confront the crisis of our hollowed-out Indian secularism
Saba Naqvi
Magazine | May 19, 2014
The writing on the wall doesn’t mean we drop our guard or critical faculties. But neither does it mean we join the pack.
Vinod Mehta
Magazine | May 12, 2014
Some of the Election Commission’s efforts raise questions about whether it is expanding its ambit too aggressively
K.N. Hari Kumar
Magazine | May 05, 2014
Many paradigm changes have been at work since the 1950s. They will mark their imprint on Elections 2014.
Dilip Padgaonkar
Magazine | Apr 28, 2014
The Modi hype is relentless. But some of our institutions of democracy are still fragile for us to risk a firebrand leader.
Pranab Bardhan
Magazine | Apr 28, 2014
Full Text: 15th D.P. Kohli Memorial Lecture
Thus spake the former West Bengal governor, who stunned his hosts, the CBI, and dubbed Reliance as "a parallel State".
Gopalkrishna Gandhi
Web | Apr 16, 2014
Let us not expect Modi to relinquish his ideological roots. The BJP’s poll manifesto points to the limits of his flexibility.
N. Ram
Magazine | Apr 21, 2014
Hemmed in by the neo-federalist ambitions of state satraps and Modi’s hocus pocus, will the Idea of India implode?
Kumar Ketkar
Magazine | Apr 07, 2014
survey: growth
Two academics hold Gujarat up against other states to see if it grew more in the Modi decade than in the preceding 20 years
Maitreesh Ghatak, Sanchari Roy
Magazine | Mar 31, 2014
EXCLUSIVE: controversy | banning books
To ban books on the basis of ‘hurt sentiment’ with no nod to scholarship or debate is untenable
Romila Thapar
Magazine | Mar 24, 2014
L'Affaire Doniger
...and further meditations on sacred art
Sajan Venniyoor
Web | Mar 13, 2014
Essay: state of the nation
Lesson for the GoI-to-be: growth is not a panacea, but if it falters, all else does too, even a re-election
Pratap Bhanu Mehta
Magazine | Mar 17, 2014
The many strands entangled in l' affaire Doniger involve issues that are too important to be left to the predictable and somewhat stale rhetoric about Hindutva fanatics or lamenting the role of the Indian government and judiciary
Jakob De Roover
Web | Feb 18, 2014
A polytheistic religion fosters a natural hospitality to ideas. So argued the author of the ‘banned’ The Hindus: An Alternative History in this essay for Outlook Turning Points 2014. We reprint.
Wendy Doniger
Magazine | Feb 24, 2014
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