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Full Text: 7th NCM Annual Lecture
'My apprehension is that Hinduism is somehow changing its benign face because, and only because it is believed and proudly proclaimed by a few (and not contradicted by those at the top): that it is because of their faith and belief that HINDUS have been now put in the driving seat of governance.
Fali S. Nariman
Web | Sep 14, 2014
6th Dilip Sardesai Memorial Lecture
Not just technical advice but anecdotes and stories about former cricketers, legends, and matches—our parampara belongs not just to cricket but all walks of life
Rahul Dravid
Web | Sep 13, 2014
history: sms emden
In 1914, a lone German warship spread terror and bombed Madras
Anvar Alikhan
Magazine | Sep 22, 2014
Book Extract
When a central minister arrived at the Delhi central telephone exchange, roundly abused all and sundry, brandished a pistol and threatened the operator that he would kidnap her...
Ved Mehta
Web | Sep 10, 2014
Will the majoritarian project subvert the very democratic tradition that has brought the BJP to power?
Saba Naqvi
Magazine | Aug 25, 2014
Book Extract
'He had concluded, or had been told, that the mafia in the city was made up of Muslims and Muslims alone... Mr Naipaul kept thinking I had brought him to meet a Muslim gang'
Ajith Pillai
Web | Aug 13, 2014
Almost every day brings news of awful crimes, but some are so heinous, so horrendous and malicious, that they dwarf all else
Noam Chomsky
Web | Aug 05, 2014
Massive challenges face the Narendra Modi government. Here are some of our bigger ailments that need attention.
Kanti Bajpai
Magazine | Jul 28, 2014
R.I.P. (1923-2014)
Text of the 1991 Nobel lecture by the first South African and the seventh woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature
Nadine Gordimer
Web | Jul 15, 2014
FIFA World Cup 2014
The World Cup remains the only time where football transcends the affluent, urban demographic that follow the European leagues in India.
Keshava Guha
Web | Jun 27, 2014
This satirical essay was written in 1969 but still feels fresh and relevant today.
Shrilal Shukla
Web | Jun 20, 2014
Tribute Essay
We are answerable for having let our religious identities drive us to killing each other. Khushwant Singh has shown us some of our handiwork in Delhi.
Amitabha Bagchi
Web | Jun 13, 2014
Centenary Lecture
That's how Khwaja Ahmad Abbas described himself. Who was he? Why was he what he was? What social and ideological impulses motivated him? Why is his vision of continuing relevance?
Hamid Ansari
Web | Jun 10, 2014
A reporter once asked German theologian Dorothee Sölle, “How would you explain happiness to a child?”“I wouldn’t explain it,” she answered. “I’d toss him a ball and let him play.”
Eduardo Galeano
Web | Jun 09, 2014
essay: the gujarati difference
A historically mercantile culture, a centre-right leaning and an irreverent nature, the Gujarati is truly a thepla in the mix
Roma Shah
Magazine | Jun 02, 2014
A tribute to the Gujarati character, from someone who has lived and worked in the state for 20 years
V. Gangadhar
Magazine | Jun 02, 2014
Communal ideology and prejudice are easy to spot; it’s harder to confront the crisis of our hollowed-out Indian secularism
Saba Naqvi
Magazine | May 19, 2014
The writing on the wall doesn’t mean we drop our guard or critical faculties. But neither does it mean we join the pack.
Vinod Mehta
Magazine | May 12, 2014
Some of the Election Commission’s efforts raise questions about whether it is expanding its ambit too aggressively
K.N. Hari Kumar
Magazine | May 05, 2014
Many paradigm changes have been at work since the 1950s. They will mark their imprint on Elections 2014.
Dilip Padgaonkar
Magazine | Apr 28, 2014
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