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Full Text: 7th NCM Annual Lecture
'My apprehension is that Hinduism is somehow changing its benign face because, and only because it is believed and proudly proclaimed by a few (and not contradicted by those at the top): that it is because of their faith and belief that HINDUS have been now put in the driving seat of governance.
Fali S. Nariman
Web | Sep 14, 2014
Full text
In his address to the nation, the US President outlined his strategy to confront the threat of the 'Islamic State' pointing out that it is neither 'Islamic' nor a 'State'
Barack Obama
Web | Sep 11, 2014
For The Record
There is a need for debate on the reasons why many bright students do not want to become teachers.
Narendra Modi
Web | Sep 05, 2014
SC Judgement: Full Text
'It can always be legitimately expected...the Prime Minister...would consider not choosing a person with criminal antecedents against whom charges have been framed for heinous or serious criminal offences or charges of corruption to become a Minister of the Council of Ministers'
Dipak Misra, S.A. Bobde, R.M. Lodha, Madan B. Lokur, Kurian Joseph
Web | Aug 27, 2014
Supreme Court Judgment
'The entire allocation of coal block as per recommendations made by the Screening Committee from 14.07.1993 in 36 meetings and the allocation through the Government dispensation route suffers from the vice of arbitrariness and legal flaws'
R.M. Lodha, Madan B. Lokur, Kurian Joseph
Web | Aug 25, 2014
For The Record
Statement by Official Spokesperson on Cancellation of Foreign Secretary's visit to Pakistan on 25 August 2014, and Pakistan foreign office response
Syed Akbaruddin, Ministry of External Affairs
Web | Aug 18, 2014
Full Text
The full text of the controversial blog by the PCI chairman alleging that 10 years back, despite an "adverse IB report", a "corrupt" Additional Judge of the Madras High Court was allowed to continue in office by three former CJIs—Justices R C Lahoti, Y K Sabharwal and K G Balakrishnan
Markandey Katju
Web | Jul 21, 2014
Full Text
Full text of the finance minister's budget speech in Lok Sabha
Arun Jaitley
Web | Jul 10, 2014
Full Text
'Having achieved the distinction of entering the select club of railways of China, Russia and USA in carrying more than one billion tons of freight, I now target to become the largest freight carrier in the world'
Sadananda Gowda
Web | Jul 08, 2014
Full Text: Judgement
'An adjudication or Fatwa does not have a force of law and, therefore, cannot be enforced by any process using coercive method. Any person trying to enforce that by any method shall be illegal and has to be dealt with in accordance with law'
Chandramauli Kr. Prasad
Web | Jul 07, 2014
For The Record
'Violence and aggression against women is wrong, yet people try to point fingers at the woman who comes out with it trying to make her sound frivolous and with ulterior motive'
Preity Zinta
Web | Jul 02, 2014
'The view expressed on the web site was entirely my own and made in the context of the UPA government’s 2007 decision to introduce the Adolescence Education Programme (AE) in its original form.'
Harsh Vardhan
Web | Jun 27, 2014
For The Record
The PM blogs on completing a month in office: 'I feel there are areas where surely we need to improve', and talks about the ' need to strengthen systems whereby the right things are communicated to the right people at the right time.'
Narendra Modi
Web | Jun 26, 2014
Full Text
'I am fully conscious that my independence as a lawyer is causing apprehensions that I will not toe the line of the Government. This factor has been decisive in refusing to appoint me'
Gopal Subramanium
Web | Jun 25, 2014
For The Record
The full text of the letter by the senior Aam Aadmi Party leader and Supreme court lawyer to the PM
Prashant Bhushan
Web | Jun 24, 2014
From The Archives
The power to remove Governors, the Supreme Court Constitution Bench held in 2010, 'cannot be exercised in an arbitrary, capricious or unreasonable manner. The power will have to be exercised in rare and exceptional circumstances'
K.G. Balakrishnan, S.H. Kapadia, R.V. Raveendran, B. Sudershan Reddy, P. Sathasivam
Web | Jun 17, 2014
Full Text
Greenpeace responds to the leaked IB Report that Greenpeace and other NGOs have impacted India's GDP by 3%
Web | Jun 15, 2014
President's Address
'We will work together to usher our economy into a high growth path, rein in inflation, reignite the investment cycle, accelerate job creation and restore the confidence of the domestic as well as international community in our economy.'
Pranab Mukherjee
Web | Jun 09, 2014
AAP: War of Words
First came an e-mail from Yogendra Yadav, explaining why he quit its PAC, questioning party policies. Sisodia responded: Do you want to finish off the party? Or do you want to finish off Arvind?
Yogendra Yadav, Manish Sisodia
Web | Jun 06, 2014
ADR Reports
It is not just Muzaffarnagar accused, Sanjiv Baliyan who is in the council of ministers, but as many as 18% ministers have serious criminal cases
Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR)
Web | May 28, 2014
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