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Polscape | MAGAZINE | Mar 17, 2014
Mirror Image
By Sorit
“What is this chhappani chhaati (56-inch chest)...this is most ridiculous. What if a woman candidate was to talk of her D-cups?”
—Columnist Shobha De on Narendra Modi’s “chest-thumping” tactics.
Knickers In A Twist

The RSS finds itself in unexpected trouble in MP. And all because the Shivraj Singh Chouhan government organised a four-day saffron shivir on the premises of an accused in the professional education board (PEB) scam. Opposition leader Satyadev Katare lost no time taking a dig at the swayamsevaks, even writing a letter to sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhag­wat explaining the “taint”. The issue was the Lakshmi Narain College of Tech gro­u­nds, one of whose directors is the main accused in the Dental and Medical Admis­s­ion Test scam where over 1,000 public servants and 153 medicos were selected thro­ugh fraudulent means. Sen­ior peb men and an osd to an ex-minister are in jail.

Peace, Bro

They were two faces of the Gujarat riots, one a victim, the other the aggressor. But 12 years is a long time, and tailor Qutubuddin Ans­ari and cobbler Ashok Par­mar ‘Mochi’ made peace in Kannur, Kerala, of all places. The two were participating in a seminar, ‘A Decade of Genocide’, organised by our Leftist buddies, the CPI(M). The occasion also saw the launch of the Malayalam edition of Ansari’s biography. Parmar, still tangled up in court cases, blamed the media for “demonising” him, but added that nowadays he devotes much of his time to “promoting Hindu-Muslim amity”. Anyway, apologies done, the event went off well. And Ansari’s bio, which had a print run of a 1,000 copies, sold out on the first day.

Dessert, Please

At the BJP lunch organised for journalists, many known faces from the party were present. M.M Joshi, Sushma Swaraj, Rajnath Singh, Arun Jaitley, they were all there. The party’s ‘Iron Man’, L.K. Advani, too sho­wed up, his gait slow and measured. Soon some journalists started talking about him being ‘the father of the House’ at 86, but before the ret­ir­e­ment question was popped, he finis­hed his last bite of jalebi, and res­ponded to all, “I am here to enjoy the jal­ebis, nothing else.” The message was clear; the grand old man of the party was still a player. Ind­eed, the indications were that he’s in fine fettle. And the way he bemoaned, sitting next to NaMo the other day, how the BJP has become a “one-man show”...well, he’s still got sting.

Milk It

RJD leader Laloo Prasad Yadav is a late entr­ant to Twi­tter’s wares, but his tra­d­emark rustic humour is alive and well. Sample this tweet with a picture of Laloo milking a cow: “If U don’t milk d cow fully, it falls sick. Tht’s wat I did with Indian Rail­way & gave thousands of crores profit to it”.


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