Polscape | MAGAZINE | Dec 03, 2012
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By Sorit
“If you can’t run it, give it to Laloo Yadav.”
—The RJD leader has fans across the border. MQM lawmaker Sajid Ahmed in Pakistan’s lower house as discussions were on for the Rs 11 billion bailout package for the country’s railways.
A Wake Up Call

K. Chandrasekhara Rao, the TRS supremo, has suddenly sprung into action after falling off the radar for a while. There’s meetings happening, KCR’s trademark sarcasm and loaded insults are in place, everything is as it was. The Telangana hero, who has told the Congress that there will be no more deadlines but only death lines, now apparently plans to emulate Bal Thackeray. That is, he plans to write articles in newspapers and even pen songs in favour of Telangana statehood. With everyone stumped by the news, a last word from TDP boss Chandrababu Naidu. There’s no love lost between the two and Babu recently called KCR a Kumbhakarna—the one who sleeps for six months and creates hungama for the next six.

Civvy Outlook

Former Pakistani military ruler Pervez Musharraf’s penchant for grandstanding is well known. At the recent HT conclave in Delhi, he was just finishing off a grand speech on neighbourly relations, including some wise views on the future of a stable Afghanistan, when young Afghan diplomat, Zalmai Waffamal, weighed in. Himself a Pashtoon, Zalmai reminded the former dictator of Pakistan’s folly in pursuing policies to divide Afghanistan in an attempt to look for “strategic depth”. Musharraf was so taken aback that he sheepishly acknowledged that Pakistan had made past mistakes in Afghanistan, including creating the Taliban.

Let Us All Gherao

Congress president Sonia Gandhi recently paid a visit to Rae Bareli, her constituency. There was the usual fanfare, with yet more projects and welfare units being inaugurated. There were enough crowds too, but all was not as it seemed. Disappointed voters, especially women, had planned protests at various spots during the visit. For local party leaders, this was a potentially embarrassing situation. So they came up with the ingenious idea of gheraoing the potential gheraoers. The situation at Soniaji’s meetings soon became a comic cacophony of protests and praise. Whenever the protesters gathered in the range of Sonia’s vision, they were encircled by party workers shouting ‘Sonia Gandhi ki jai’ and so on. With all the shouting, Mrs G left Rae Bareli happy, she’d never been so raucously ‘welcomed’ here before.

Smile, Please

There’s a lovely photo of Aung San Suu Kyi lunching with Sonia Gandhi, LS speaker Meira Kumar and LoP Sushma Swaraj. Sonia has on a Mekhla-style sari in lovely shades of beige and brown. It seems it’s such a lovely picture that the speaker is contemplating releasing it for the public.


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