The Suján Rajmahal Palace in Jaipur is all set to woo the swish traveller. This was Rajmata Gayatri Devi’s erstwhile residence. Before that a royal guesthouse (guests included Lord Mountbatten, Jackie Kennedy, Princess Diana). Even before that a British residency. Born in 1729, the Rajmahal of Jaipur had been, in its most recent duties, serving as a heritage hotel since the 1980s. One of many with history and stories on its side, but unremarkable of ambience in the princely state of opulent ostentation. However, at long last, after the passing of Gayatri Devi herself in 2009, it has had a facelift that seems worthy of her classical grace and vivacious charm. Which is why the refurbishing by Adil Ahmed has drawn international eyes to a now glamorous Art Deco avatar that is both lavish yet light.

In theory, the exuberance of colour and pattern across almost every wall should sound kitschy, but in fact it just looks like a fairytale, where teal, purple and indigo meet under a darkly floral ceiling to rival any Persian carpet. The rani pink and Schiaparelli breakfast room emphasises this whimsical attitude of a morning before wandering through jewel-coloured rooms papered in traditional motifs in a contemporary disposition, beach umbrellas bearing coats of arms in tongue-in-cheek reference to chhatris.

Rajmahal Palace has doubles from Rs 26,900, and is opening soon;

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