How To Beat Stress Of Getting Your Late Salary

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How To Beat Stress Of Getting Your Late Salary
Rajat Mishra - 26 February 2020

Sometimes we get stuck and confused about the situation we are in and always think about the alternatives that we have at our disposal. But even after having a second thought we continue to remain stuck. This is the same situation when your salary is getting credited late but still you have to manage somehow. I know it takes a toll on your mental wellbeing and also somewhere reduces your capacity to work.

But well, if we land in this situation, how are we going to deal with it?

You have to develop your own coping mechanism

I know it is very easy to advice but equally difficult to implement. Once you have already landed in this situation you have to scrape through it. Firstly do some mapping, as in doing calculations about what I am spending and what I am saving. Then think about what other things I can do to keep my finances on track. After analysing all these things you will come up with a concrete coping mechanism.

Cut down your expense

Irrespective of your liabilities and lifestyle one thing that for sure you will have to do is to cut down on your expenses. Keep a tab on all your expenses and keep on analysing what you can cut down.

Making a buffer

Keeping all your necessary and unavoidable expenses in mind it becomes hard to work it out. But anyway you have to do this if you want to insulate yourself from the pain of getting a late salary.

Save money

Whatever the scenario is, never ever, restrain yourself from saving money. Getting bogged down by the circumstances is not a solution, in fact, keeping yourself on the track is the most important thing. The saved money will be helping you out in some mitigating circumstances.

I know all aforementioned things are quite difficult to do but you have to anyhow keep yourself afloat because the show must go on

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