4 TV And Web Series To Watch For Money and Investment

4 TV And Web Series To Watch For Money and Investment
Rajat Mishra - 14 December 2019

New Delhi, December 14: There is not an iota of doubt that today’s generation is crazy fan of web series. And they are more interested to learn intricate concepts, broken down into simpler nuggets of information in visual format. That is why the popularity of platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime and many more are on an upward spiral. So, basically, visually served content seems more compelling and appealing to the younger generation, thanks to the universal accessibility of Internet and mobile handset.

But one of the intricate concepts that keeps on pinching us hard, is to know how to earn money, how to manage money and how to be a successful entrepreneur. So, don’t worry, to comprehend these concepts you no more need to leaf through the books. Yes, you heard it right, now there is enough visual content on these specific issues that will keep you hooked till the last.

Let us quickly go through all the web series and TV Series that can make you abreast of aforementioned themes.

1. The Profit

Marcus Lemonis starrer the profit is American documentary style reality television show On CNBC. This show is all about investment and entrepreneurship. This show, to a large extent, will help people in flipping the fortunes of their losing business into a thriving venture. So far, seven seasons of this show are out.

2. Mad Money With Jim Cramer

Is an American programme hosted by Jim Cramer. Jim Cramer is a former hedge fund manager and a well-known television personality. The objective behind launching this show was to make people better investor.

Cramer has often been quoted saying that mad money is the money that you want to invest in stocks not retirement money. So this time, binge watch this series to increase your investing acumen.

3. Dragon’s Den

Dragon’s den is a reality show. In this program entrepreneurs keep on selling their business ideas to their potential investors in order to attract investment and funds for their idea. This program originated in Japan, where it is known as The Tigers of the Money. Basically this show throws light on how you strive to make your venture successful. This show was distributed by Sony Television pictures.

4. Squak Box

This CNBC TV show was a successful premarket show. In this show many business tycoons, political masters, successful entrepreneur and investor used to talk about their journey. The program is co-hosted by Joe Kernen, Becky Quick and Andrew Ross Sorkin.