Tuesday, October 24, 2017

What does Your Number Tell?

Your date of birth can predict money going in and out of your life

By Farzana Suri

Let’s talk money. Like the gentle ocean waves, money moves in and out of our life. Since our mental makeup influences all forms of energy, it makes sense to view money as a form of energy that is easily influenced by the vibe around us, creating change, movement and action.

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Our birth numbers have meaning beyond mathematics. Each birth number symbolises a specific energy that exudes your core personality. Through Numerology, a 4000-year old science, you can relate the meanings of your birth numbers to your perspective on life and money or wealth. It indicates your attitude towards your financial appetite and choices.

Money is an energiser and agent of change and by its very nature, it will zoom around you like the electrons in air. The energy of your birth number and how it influences and interacts with prosperity is an indicator of your wealth potential. How much of it stays or floats away, catalysing your life and environment in which you operate depends on your attitude towards money. What energy do you vibrate with and what kind of wealth energy are you inviting?

Take a peek into your personality and your relationship with wealth creation and management. Here’s how. If your birth date is 6 November, then your birth number is 6. (While there are other numbers like your month and year which also impact you, the birth day is generally suggestive of your broad, overall personality.) Now apply this to your own birthdate and get a deeper insight into your financial outlook; whether it slow dances towards you or grips you in a trance.

 You are ambitious and like to punch above your weight. Your positive energy is contagious and has the ability to draw money to you. Given your sense of self-reliance and independence, having someone else take care of you simply does not fit into your persona. You see yourself as a pioneer and your decisions stem from your vision to reach higher and farther. Do you ever follow the herd? Not if you can help it! Although a high-wire act may entice your creative mind-set now and then, it isn’t for you. A moderately aggressive risk involvement portfolio and innovative investment ideas appeal to your desire to stay ahead of the curve and leave a legacy. And, also because you hate failing!

Revisit your past decisions and you’ll discover the only things that have sabotaged your plans is your own confidence and ‘laziness’. Making decisions through vanity and prestige instead of logic would spiral downward. Balance these energies and find yourself taking that leap. Wealth tends to follow you around, so respect it and welcome it with grace.

Born on 1, 10, 19, 28 of the month

Money may not come too easy. But that isn't the main issue for you. You know if you apply your energy then there's always enough. Your aura radiates compassion and your need for a peaceful environment is so palpable that you tend to put everyone else’s needs before your own; giving and receiving without keeping track of the score. Wealth to you is for comfortable sustenance and eluding you when you fall prey to indecisiveness and conflictual thinking. You are highly intuitive, creative and connected to the metaphysical side of life; it is not uncommon for you to have a dream that comes true. Make decisions through your own powerful energy field. Disappointments set you back and you dwell on well past the expiration date. Move on from the virtual reality of your imagination and find peace. Crush the fears you keep alive in your head.

Learn to lead from a position of equality to generate wealth through collaboration and joint investments. You sway towards asset allocations that fulfil your need for security and balanced returns. Being overcautious may restrict growth so assess your goals versus ROI, periodically.

Born on 2, 11, 20, 29 of the month

You have the magical elixir for abundance if you restrain those excessive tendencies. Dream big and expect good things to happen. You are multitalented and enjoy work which makes use of your creativity and communication. Class and refinement, strength and sensitivity define you. Your trademark smile and sense of humour are charming. However, if you’re in a bad mood no one gets to be happy around you. Steer your thoughts away from selfblame and self-pity.

You have the ability to accumulate wealth, however, you tend to lose it as fast as you make it—unless you’re practical. Ambitious that you are, you desire instant gratification and may overlook the time or effort it takes to achieve results; so you go through your share of hard knocks. A portfolio that demands regular periodic investments and economising spends will help you focus on wealth creation. Should you compromise your integrity, the rewards are short-term and bleak. Learn when to hold their ground and when to stay flexible. Avoid falling prey to the emotional demands of money. The energy of wealth stays with you depending on whether you seek a love affair with money or commitment to wealth generation.

Born on 3, 12, 21, 30 of the month

You are good with money and conscious of the balancing the energies of income and expenditure. Your decisions blend analysis and intuition and you are willing to work hard to create wealth. Security drives your goals in life. Obstacles are a part of your life and nothing may seem to be coming easy to you. The good news is that you have a huge opportunity to build a stable financial foundation for yourself and future generations as well. You are determined, ambitious, goal oriented, disciplined, intuitive and an expert at whatever you do. You tend to have difficulty in expressing your feelings and find yourself alone.

Your temperament does not vibe well with get-richquick investments. Money may always seem less due to family responsibilities. Your need for security will decide your ideas of wealth creation. A conservative portfolio inclined towards fixed investments, property and debt instruments generates the steady growth. You are conscious of money and it won’t come as a surprise to watch you sieving through every financial statement on your desk.

Born on 4, 13, 22, 31 of the month

Adventure, excitement, a restless spirit always seeking ‘new’ and ‘now’ sum up your attitude to life and money. Nothing but the best with a king-sized life appeals to you. You dig deeply into life and its experiences, rather than just skim the surface. You have the ability to make and create wealth in business and squander it just as quickly, making it a non-event. You possess an unique universal intelligence, display a broad grasp of many areas of life, and your outgoing personality makes you ‘fun’ company. You foster goodwill and tend to treat your employees quite well and have a strong aptitude for marketing, networking and negotiation.

Budgeting is alien to you. Ups and downs with money are a part of your life. You believe money is a replenishing resource and needs to be given away. Risk is a part of your DNA and you profit from it as well. You constantly feel torn between your desire for security and your need to take risks and explore the new. Your investment approach would do well to bank on the astute knowledge and awareness about the amount of risk the investment portfolio carries.

Born on 5, 14, 23 of the month

You really have no need to worry about money. There is always good news about your finances, even at your worst. Luxury and comfort spells your attitude to life. You are the nurturer whether at home or at work. You are a peacemaker and harmoniser. You like being in charge and detest being told what to do. You feel useful only when things are out of control and you are fixing it. When you walk into a room, people are drawn to you like a moth to the flame. And you know it. Your high standards and sense of fairness have you on the side work of justice and fair play. With your laser eyes, it’s hard for you to not spot beauty in things and people. You seek perfection from yourself and demand it from others. Also, learning to say ‘no’, sometimes will be emotionally rewarding.

While you think about money now and then, it almost always finds its way to you; through an inheritance, gifts or bounty. Your investment appetite is balanced; neither too aggressive nor conservative.

Born on 6, 15, 24 of the month

You are the dreamer who rarely focuses on money and yet, wealth winds its way to you. A self-learner with a curious mind, you’re happiest reading and diving deep to find the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of existence. You are ambitious, private and independent who dislikes being controlled. Your didactic abilities make you more than a bystander while dealing in financial matters. You are thorough with your research and may question and debate actively with your financial planner or wealth manager. Intellectual conversations stimulate you. What others view as a superiority complex is to you simply ‘common sense and use of one’s intelligence’. Go easy with the bluntness and decisions based on ‘ego’. You are in constant conflict between the need for security and desire to get away from the material world.

Your attitude towards wealth may vacillate between indifference and the obsession with wealth. Greed can be good or evil depending on which side of the wealth continuum you stand in. You don’t need to run after wealth, it simply resonates with its energy.

Born on 7, 16, 25 of the month

Money is always on your mind and you have to work harder for it. You have a special gift for business and wealth. People respect you for your reliability, sound judgment and persuasive skills. Challenges excite you but security and success fuel your drive. You are seen as a powerful leader and visionary, and a genius at getting things done through sheer resilience. Self-made, generous and philanthropic, you often experience inner conflicts about the morality of wealth.

You will seldom be without the potential of bringing in some kind of income, even if you were broke. Overplaying your hand through speculation and an aggressive investment appetite will spiral your carefully built wealth. Your portfolio will thrive when on fixed investments with solid pedigree. Curb that expensive lifestyle and make good money doing what you enjoy most inwardly—serving people.

Born on 8, 17, 26 of the month

Your energy attracts wealth effortlessly. Due to the amount of money you give away, you are not always to spend and save the way you would really like to. You are the society do-gooder who can remind those around you to ‘be human’. A fighter—fighting for the rights of others and your own. You would rather be doing things than planning. The need for adventure and thrill has you scaling peaks or diving into high energy activities that set the adrenalin pumping. You’re a natural leader, charismatic, friendly and an inspiration. The streak of over-indulgence can skid you off course in life. So, look beyond and don’t go by the face-value alone.

Creating a solid income base comes easy to you with wealth waltzing towards you through an inheritance, gifts from those who you inspire and sheer hard work. You may tend to make impractical investments in haste; be extra cautious on fiduciary decisions. A steady growth portfolio will place you in a comfortable financial position towards wealth generation.

Born on 9, 18, 27 of the month



Farzana Suri, Victory Coach—Numerologist
After bidding goodbye to a successful 17-year career in advertising, creating brands, Farzana Suri, Victory Coach, followed the nudge of the universe. She coaches people through the twisting curves of life's journey through Numerology, and has empowered over 5,000 people to see the Brand in themselves. She is an avid food traveller, humanist, a voracious reader, blogger and cat lover. She lives with her cat, Wriggley, who shares his sage wisdom with her.


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