Repurpose Old Smartphones

With just a few tweaks, you can customise your old smartphone into a functional tool for your daily needs

  • Repurpose Old Smartphones

By Tushar Kanwar

It’s a common scenario in many homes, that an old smartphone that is sitting unused in a drawer because a glitzy new model has replaced it. Just because it’s a couple of years old and isn’t the latest anymore, an old smartphone is still a handy minicomputer stuffed with all manners of working sensors, and a few simple steps will transform it into a functional tool that can complement your everyday life

Digital Photo Frame

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A biggish screen phone (or a tablet) is only one table dock away from serving as a photo frame, and most phone photo gallery apps will allow you to run a slideshow, with some even supporting music playback. Just be sure to connect it to a power source so you don't run the phone dry!