Building an Innovative Learning Organization

How to enhance the culture of life long learning in organizations

  • Building an Innovative Learning Organization

By OLM Desk

If you are looking for a book that will inspire you to sow the seeds of a new thought process, this one’s for you. The essence of this book rests on the core premise that lifelong learning is the key to success for everyone and should be adapted as quickly as possible so that the growth trail is in line with your potential and desire. You believe it when it comes from Russel Sarder, the CEO of NetCom Learning.

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 According to Sarder, learning occurs when people become attentive of opposing ideas. Recognising the value of alternative worldviews increases motivation, sparks fresh thinking, and prevents lassitude and drift. The book constantly guides you on how to create a culture of lifelong learning in your organization for personal and professional development, with detailed explanations, practical examples, and step-by-step instructions so you can get started right away. He simply describes how companies can rid themselves of the learning afflictions that threaten their productivity and success by adopting the strategies of learning organizations.

 This book is a practical and working guide on how to enhance and improve performance, and innovate more swiftly. A key learning is that culture of an organisation can be changed fast, provided blockages are tackled, people’s capabilities and potentials are renewed, and processes and systems get constantly reviewed and challenged internally. The book is strewn with practical and motivating principles coupled with the author’s personal experiences and expertise from leading practitioners that make for an interesting read.