Monday, November 20, 2017

Video of Indigo staff manhandling passenger attracts outrage

Social media explodes with anger calling for boycott of Indigo

By Anagh Pal

Such is the power of social media that even big organisations cannot get away with mistreating their customers. Indigo has been in the news for a while with first badminton champ P.V. Sindhu tweeting about the rude behaviour by an Indigo employee a few days ago. And now, a video of the ground staff at Delhi airport manhandling a passenger surfaced on the social media. Allegedly, the passenger, Rajiv Katiyal had abused an Indigo employee, which he denied. He was not only prevented from taking the bus to the terminal after deboarding the plane, he was dragged and pinned to the ground by Indigo staff. The incident happened on October 15th.

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Once the video was shared, it led to massive outrage on social media which intensified further when it was learnt that Indigo has sacked the employee, Montu Kalra, who shot the video, but let off the employees involved in it with a warning. As social media erupted, Indigo did issue an apology and said that the airline has held an inquiry against the concerned staff. Tweet from Indigo official twitter handle read: “We truly apologise to Mr. Rajiv Katiyal for this incident & assure him that the employee has been terminated.

The reaction on social media ranged from anger to people vowing never to take an Indigo flight again. Many frequent Indigo flyers announced to not fly Indigo anymore. Former Chief Election Commissioner of India, Dr. S.Y. Quraishi tweeted: “After seeing the brutal assault on a passenger, almost throttling him to death, should Indigo not be boycotted - at least for a month”. Independent journalist Shivam Vij said in his tweet “Not flying @IndiGo6E again unless the airline sacks the employees and files FIRs against them”. There were some neutral voices insisting to hear the other side of the story arguing that the passenger could have been at fault; however the general mood was that of anger. Some of the trending hastags were #indigogoons #booycott6E #tarmacterrortape and #BoycottIndigo.

The incident didn’t fail to affect the stock price of the airline. Indigo stock price on 7th November at 10am was Rs 1215.70, which soon after the release of video on social media and the backlash that followed, fell to Rs 1206.40 at the end of the day. The stock opened today at Rs 1,185.65. A twitter user Sai Chandrashekar, posted the below image, indicating that investors are already reacting to the incident.

On Facebook, until 9.00 am, 191,400 people were talking about the incident and the number constantly kept increasing. People were expressing their disgust saying that they will never fly Indigo again and that it should be boycotted for a month. Here is the video of Indigo staff manhandling passenger: