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Outlook Money Temporarily Suspends Print Edition
25 March 2020

These are truly difficult and trying times. The entire world is in the throes of one of its most formidable challenges ever faced by mankind. The way out is still unknown. It is also not known as to when we will be able to see the light at the other end of the tunnel.

World over, the media is going through a tough time in keeping up with schedules and in trying to reach your publications to you. However, conditions are such that it is increasingly becoming difficult for us to continue with our normal schedules.

It is often said that desperate times require desperate measures and we are truly going through desperate times at present. Obviously, at our end too, it will call for drastic measures. We will do our bit and our best to ensure that our readers not only stay safe but we will try and ensure that we reach you in some way which does not compromise your safety and security in such times.

The PM has put the entire nation in a three-week lockdown in which nothing but essential services will work. That puts us in a difficult position to carry on with normal working schedules as printing and distribution of the magazine will not be possible. Moreover, we would not want to send magazines to our readers at this point of time as the print copies go through many layers and people before reaching our readers and may inadvertently become carriers.

As such, we have decided to temporarily suspend the print edition of Outlook Money for the time being till things improve. I hope our readers and subscribers will understand our predicament. In many places across the country, newspapers and periodicals have stopped production exactly for the same reasons.

But we will not leave you news-dry even in such times. We will produce a PDF version of our magazine on schedule and ensure that it reaches all our readers and subscribers so that you get your regular fill of our stories, investment advice and insights into the financial world. Of course, our website www.outlookmoney.com will continue to update you on the latest in the financial world.

We hope to resume regular print production as soon as things improve and we are able to restart normal working schedules. Till such a time, we request you to bear with us.

Praying that all of you stay home and stay safe.

- Arindam Mukherjee, Editor, Outlook Money Magazine

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