COVID-19: Stay Connected And Stay Safe

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COVID-19: Stay Connected And Stay Safe
Deepika Asthana - 01 April 2020

The current times are unique and as such do not have a precedent. As each day of the lockdown passes, we are all learning and adapting to a new normal. However, being isolated and working from home can be quite challenging. For financial market professionals and participants, the anxiety gets further amplified due the extreme volatility that markets are currently witnessing. In such an environment, here are a few tips for you to stay sane and productive.

Do not panic, it can affect your immunity – there is so much uncertainty in the current environment. We don’t know much about the coronavirus and we certainly don’t know how long this will last. Additionally, there is the fear of getting infected. Many of us feel at risk and because of the isolation and are unable to meet our friends and colleagues and discuss our fears. This can cause a lot of panic. Stress will only negatively impact our immunity and impact our ability to combat the virus. Avoid constantly checking statistics related to coronavirus infections. Yes, people are getting infected at an unprecedented rate. No, there is no need for you to check how many people are getting infected every few hours. This will only add to your panic. Use technology more productively. Face time with your friends, download apps that allow groups of people to interact together, schedule a zoom call at lunch time with your office colleagues. In the current time, it is important to reach out and stay connected in the best way possible.

Maintain a routine it is important to maintain a good routine. Wake up on time, do some exercise, eat right and ensure that you work for at least five hours in a day. By staying committed to your work routine you are ensuring that you are productive during the day. This will give you a sense of achievement. Additionally, it will also keep you busy thus, discouraging your thoughts to stray into the panic zone.

Stay calm and positive include at least 30 minutes of yoga in your day. You can also practice mindfulness or meditation on a daily basis. Whether you are living alone or with your family, bring music into your life. Music can help you stay positive and activate both the right side, as well as, the left side of your brain.

Just because we need to practice physical distancing doesn’t mean that we cannot reach out to our friends and family through other means. Stay connected and stay safe.

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