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Investing In Dividend Stocks Can Earn Regular Income
Aparajita Gupta - 07 October 2019

The beauty of dividend stocks is when the market seems to be going nowhere you can sit back and earn passive income with the long-term capital appreciation, told Kaushlendra Singh Sengar, Founder, Advisorymandi.com in an interview to Aparajita Gupta.

What investment advice would you give to people?

As of now, we are advising on all variety of stock market investments whether it is intraday, BTST, STBT, swing trading, short-term investment, long-term investment, and even IPO market. However, we haven’t put a limit to it and soon we will be covering other investment asset class like mutual fund, bonds, ETFs, insurance; and other portfolios, and wealth management products.

How should one make money by investing in dividend stocks?

Unlike bond interest payments, while investing in dividend stocks, the investors can receive regular income. That’s the beauty of dividend stocks when the market seems to be going nowhere; while you can sit back and earn passive income with the long-term capital appreciation. In order to generate decent income along with capital appreciation, the investors can channelise their funds into those stocks that possess a healthy dividend paying history. They should look after the length of operating cycle the company follows and delinquency costs they are facing as the short operating cycle and slippages in delinquency cost results in enhancement of liquidity for companies which empowers them to distribute decent dividends to their shareholders.

Recently you have raised fund from EST Group. What would you do with the fund?

The participation of Indian investors is strikingly low at 2.5 per cent, compared to China and the US where this contribution is above 10-15 per cent. That means less than 2-2.5 per cent of India’s households savings is exposed to stocks.

As we can see there is a largely untapped market in India and the country desperately needs to channel the savings of households into investments. Therefore, to increase the pace of saving and investment trend in India a much-needed platform is to be built that can change the way people think about investing in financial securities and who would be swayed towards opting for an easy way to invest and meet the future financial goals.

We’re set to build a global investment platform with a vision to create 10 million new breeds of smart investors in next 3 years where users can also make investments in international stocks and other investment products too. Along with this, we’re undergoing the process to live this in the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong and European Markets to start with.

What was the idea behind launching Advisorymandi? Was it only targeted to advise on stock markets?

We have launched Advisorymandi with a vision to connect investors and traders with the right stock market expert as per their trading and investment style.

Yes, currently we are advising stock market traders and investors, but we have a strong plan to provide advice on the different asset class.

What are the things people should do so that they are not fooled by any advisor? Also, what brokerage fees you’re going to charge?

They can just simply follow the advisors that are available on Advisorymandi portal. The reason we’re the country’s biggest and trusted stock market advisors aggregator platform because we’re doing all the due diligence and quality check on behalf of users before registering any advisor with us.

At Advisorymandi –

• We’ve only SEBI-registered research analysts and investment advisors registered.

• All advisors and ranked and rated by Advisorymandi itself based on their overall performances so that users can check the followers, reviews, ranking, and ratings of all advisors to compare their performances. Also, the past performance of all advisors are totally unbiased, transparent and system generated.

• Advisors are not allowed to post recommendation in low volatility or stocks where manipulation can be possible.

• Any advisor who is to post the recommendation has to go through certain quality standards to ensure all recommendations pass the quality test.

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