Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Top up mediclaim plan by New India Assurance

The new mediclaim policy covers hospitalization expenses in excess of a chosen limit

By OLM Desk

The New India Assurance company has launched a new top up Mediclaim policy that covers hospitalisation expenses in excess of a chosen limit. Like any other top-up plan, even in this the insured bears the claim till threshold, with the policy paying for claims above this sum. The policy will respond for each and every hospitalisation after the threshold has been exceeded by previous hospitalisation expenses subject only to the sum that the insured has stated in the policy. This policy is available to everyone in addition to any existing health insurance policy. One can take the policy between age 18 and 65, and children older than three months can be included. The policy has no restrictions on the age of the insured, as long as the policy is renewed in time, without any breaks.
 Some special features of the policy include “get well” benefit of Rs 5,000 for Rs 5 lakh threshold for first four claims and hospital cash benefit, among other conveniences.