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Franklin Templeton Launches New Investment Campaign
Sampurna Majumder - 24 November 2018

Franklin Templeton, one of India’s leading fund houses has launched a campaign titled Reach for Better in collaboration with The Better India, a prominent news and media website known for focusing on ‘positive’ news. Comprising six-videos, the campaign focuses on real-life inspirational stories that aim to bring alive the concept of the theme through a “beyond just investments; larger than life” approach, further elaborating Franklin Templeton Investments’ core thought of standing for Reach for Better.

The campaign basically seeks to deliver messages related to investment education through real-life human stories. Stories of ordinary individuals whose actions have had a positive impact on society at large. Each of the stories is fastened with one investment pillar.

Speaking on the launch of the campaign, Balaji Vaidyanathan, Deputy Head of Marketing, said the

“tagline has been finalized after carefully studying the belief how individuals always aspire for more. In India, the campaign has been launched at a much broader perspective. It focuses on certain individuals who have tasted success not only in terms of investment, but also in their lives, which in turn had a positive impact on communities and society at large.”

Vaidyanathan further said “the campaign draws inspiration from multiple dynamic backgrounds. It features a diverse set of individuals like a tech-savvy visually challenged person, a best-selling author who started as a domestic help, a successful transgender radio host who broke gender stereotypes, a young innovator transforming lives, an individual who revolutionized farming across the globe and a woman entrepreneur who triumphed against all odds. Each story is woven beautifully in a manner that talks about the importance of that tenet to one’s life, as well as investments.”

Revolving around six-videos, the campaign focuses six investment pillars which include the following:

  • Stay resilient
  • Step up
  • Start early
  • Never too late to start
  • Seek guidance
  • Have a goal

Commenting on the campaign, Juzer Tambawalla, Head of Marketing, Franklin Templeton Investments, said,

“These are stories about everyday Indians achieving something out of the ordinary. How did they do that? By having a goal, starting early, stepping up, staying resilient, seeking guidance and believing that it's never too late to begin. Each story is an excellent example of how one can succeed by using these principles even with their own investments.”

The first episode focuses on the life journey of Kajal Brahmavar, who from begging in the streets went on to become Karnataka’s first transgender radio jockey. From facing all kinds of odds from life and society, she continued to strive and never gave up till she found her calling and emerged victorious. Her story is definitely inspiring. Resilience was Brahmavar’s key to success.

The underlining motive is to educate investors. Investors also need to stay resilient while making investments and not give up during times of crisis.

Just like Brahmavar story, the campaign narrates inspirational stories of five other such individuals who have been able to overcome several challenges in life and eventually emerge victorious.

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