JSW Cement: All set to lead

The company has entered into a strategic roadmap towards achieving best-in-class energy efficiency in production

JSW Cement: All set to lead
OLM Desk - 07 April 2021

JSW Cement aims to be a leader in the Indian construction industry, paving the way with innovation and ultra-modern technology.

The company is India’s leading manufacturer of eco-friendly ‘Green Cement’, producing 14 MTPA (million tonnes per annum) of high-quality cement products. Its goal is to increase the capacity to 25 MTPA by 2022 with 7 state-of-the-art facilities located across India and beyond.

The company has entered into a strategic roadmap towards achieving best-in-class energy efficiency in production. This is resonant in its subsidiary, Shiva Cement’s latest Odisha project, where 70% of its power is generated through a cutting-edge waste heat recovery system. This is a testament to progressive thinking, a virtue that’s valuable to the company as it maximises production and minimises wastage.

Gurminder Singh, Head Branding, JSW Cement

JSW Cement is also digitising sales & marketing operations to provide channel partners ease of doing business by leveraging AI-based digital interventions. It has partnered with Yalochat, the world’s leading conversational commerce service provider, to introduce AI-based anytime-anywhere business transactions for customers.

The Yalochat partnership has enabled the company to upsell, transact and provide better service to customers over modern messaging apps like WhatsApp. JSW Cement is among the first Indian cement companies to introduce conversational commerce services to trade customers. Conversational commerce is e-commerce done through various conversation platforms. It uses technologies like speech recognition, speaker recognition, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence.

JSW Cement caters to 11 cities and aims to deliver superior quality products and simultaneously create a sense of awareness about sustainability in customers, channel partners, distributors, stakeholders, and society.

Inclusive growth is the cornerstone of its expansion plan. The company cares about empowering the community. It is committed to driving a positive change in education, women welfare, health and sanitation to build a self-sustaining social fabric in and around our plant operations.

JSW Cement’s core priority is to boost India’s economic growth through an organic route by contributing to key national projects like highways, ports, metro lines and strengthening infrastructure.

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