SBI’s Doorstep Banking Service Facility: A Quick Look

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SBI’s Doorstep Banking Service Facility: A Quick Look
Rajat Mishra - 06 April 2020

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc fuelled by some or the other reasons, governments across the globe are trying their best to curb the situation by resorting to lockdown. However, it goes without saying that the lockdown has made life impossible like never before for the entire humankind.

Going through the same phase, Indians are also struggling with their daily lives. Be it working-from-home to buying groceries, medicines or even carrying out regular banking transactions.

Considering the difficult times, in order to provide relief to its millions of customers, the State Bank of India (SBI) has launched an innovative scheme titled – Doorstep Banking Service Facility. The scheme aims at providing effective banking solutions to account holders in these times of crisis.

In order to avail this service, customers are supposed to give a call on this toll-free number 1800 111 103 between 9am to 4pm on working days at the centre. The largest lender of India, SBI will now provide this service at its selective branches from April 5. The service entails cash pickup, cash delivery, cheque pickup, cheque requisition slip pickup, and form 15H pickup, delivery of drafts, KYC documents, and life certificate pickup.

This facility can be availed by senior citizens of more than 70 years of age and differently able persons (having medically certified chronic illness or disability) including those who are visually impaired, fully KYC compliant holders and customers having registered address within a radius of 5 kilometers from the home branch. Also, people should keep this in their mind that if the account is being operated jointly then you are not eligible for this service.

However, the facility comes with certain restrictions such as the amount of money that one can withdraw or even deposit. Currently, the amount is capped at Rs. 20,000 per day. Also, a service will be levied. For non-financial transactions it stands at Rs 60 +GST and for financial transaction it is Rs 100+GST. The delivery would be completed on best efforts basis. And withdrawal will be permitted using cheque and form along with passbook.

As we continue to frame ways to keep ourselves motivated during this quarantine, we also need to continue with essential activities like banking. And in order to ensure that we are able to do that with ease, innovative facilities like doorstep banking are a welcome change.

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