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Is it necessary to withdraw PF before moving out of the country?

One has to be a member of the EPFO to avail the PF facility

By OLM Desk

My employer made me withdraw my PF before I moved to Singapore. Is it necessary to do so?

Amrit Sharma, Noida

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Ideally you have to be a member of the EPFO to avail the PF facility. If there is no contribution to the EPF account and it remains idle for 36 months, the account becomes inoperative and no interest is paid on such accounts after 36 months. For employers, it is mandatory to ask employees who quit their organisations to apply transfer of PF and to also notify the EPFO so that the government doesn’t have to pay interest to non-members of the PF. This could be the only reason why your employer asked you to withdraw your PF before you left for Singapore.