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File: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (c), flanked by Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Kamal Nath, and Ministers of State Rajiv Shukla, arrive to address the media at Parliament House on the first day of its winter session in New Delhi.
Won't Put CBI Chief's Appointment on Hold: PM to BJP
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Prime Minister Manmohan Singh tonight rejected BJP's demand to hold in abeyance appointment of new CBI Director Ranjit Sinha and termed as "unwarranted" insinuation the charge that the decision was to preempt the procedure recommended by the Select Committee on Lokpal.

In a letter to BJP leader Arun Jaitley, the Prime Minister said the premier investigating agency could not be kept without a head pending the enactment of the Lokpal and "the question of keeping the new appointment in abeyance does not arise."

Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj had written letters to the Prime Minister saying that appointment of the new CBI Director should not have been done when the Rajya Sabha Select Committee had recommended that such appointments should be done through a collegium.

The Prime Minister said "insinuation that the appointment was made to preempt the procedure recommended by the Select Committee is wholly unwarranted and devoid of any merit."

"I also refute the suggestion that the appointments to this post in the past by the UPA Government were motivated by collateral considerations," he said.

The Lokpal and Lokayuktas Bill was still awaiting passage in the Rajya Sabha and it was referred to a Select Committee which has tabled its report today in the Rajya Sabha, Singh said.

"Many changes have been suggested by the Select Committee which are required to be considered by the Government for introducing official amendments. After the Bill as amended is duly passed by the Rajya Sabha, it will be returned to the Lok Sabha for further consideration," he said.

He said even as the Government was making all efforts to enact the new law, the top post in the CBI could not be kept vacant.

"Under the circumstances the Government has, in public interest, made the appointment in accordance with the provisions of the CVC Act as presently applicable and the extant procedures, which had been set in motion much earlier," the Prime Minister said.

Sinha, a 1974 batch officer of Bihar cadre, has been appointed as the next CBI chief. He is presently the Director General of Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) force.

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Must See
Daily Mail

Nov 25, 2012
06:44 PM

 Dear BJP/NDA,

I agree with BONITA here. Please stick with Retail FDI. The UPA government deserves to be removed at earliest but please understand that BJP/NDA and its leaders do not have the fraction of experience and cleverness in dealing with trick situations of the veteran CON party leaders.

Retail FDI issue is the only way to corner UPA. It is also worth it. Stand by opposition to Retail FDI even if you lose on floor of house, you will be richly rewarded. Leave the rest, atleast till the winter session is over.

Ramki, Delhi
Nov 24, 2012
08:34 AM

 If the BJP has any substantive objections to Ranjit Sinha's appointment as CBI Director, they should explain them and challenge hi s appointment accordingly. Objecting to the appointment on the basis of the procedure adopted is a non starter. The appointment has to be made as per the current procedures and not as per something that may come into place in the future.

This is exactly why the Delhi HC overturned the Lt Gen selection committee proceedings viz. a prospective procedure cannot be applied to a present process.

The BJP, like Kejriwal, is diluting its efforts at embarrassing the government. They should stick to FDI for the time being and not get distracted.

Bonita, Chennai
Nov 24, 2012
07:35 AM

 As per THE HINDU, there is a secret note from SC that  this pospective candidate for CBI directorship was for foisting cases against judges  Were there not previous occasions when the post  went with delayed postings. This is not a posting of army chief or chief of RAW.Is there not a more suitable popular and acceptable candidate ? This is a clear case where there is an attempt by Manmohan to prefer a devil in advance rather than an angel in waiting.  The stand taken by Sushma and Arun are also valid in this context.When Rajya sabah has already ruled for a collegium to select the candidate "democractically" by a multi member committee (similar to a triumviate  in CAG), MMS is just shitting over the report his government itself has passed. An order commanded by his party chief to favour a person who can be a tool for suppressing the cases against sonia, rahul, priyanka and vadra gandhijis.What a shameless fellow.

shree, chennai
Nov 24, 2012
05:57 AM
The Prime Minister said "insinuation that the appointment was made to preempt the procedure recommended by the Select Committee is wholly unwarranted and devoid of any merit." Fair enough! Can PM elaborate on it further? May be he needs to tell why it is devoid of any merit? Unfortunately, this is the way politics works, be it Congress or BJP! Media either does not have access to follow up on these comments or it simply does not want to do so. Later looks like the case to me, may be outlook guys would like to tell its readers what is going on here? As always some people, like Awaaar interjects. He hates BJP because Modi killed Muslims, (AND I admit RIGHTLY SO)! But, at the same time he ignores that Congress killed Shiks in 1984 (so does the media)! May be he would address it! To me it sounds like that if our community is killed, I need to support to any guy who is oppose to the guy that killed my fellow my religious people; even if that guy kills people who follow other religion. Why killing Muslims is wrong but killing Shiks is right? Amazingly columnist like Ramchandra Guha cannot be honest. He can selectively pick on few “internet Hindu” and ignore large portion of comments posted on internet; maybe he could pick up comments posted in outlook-where his articles get published. I agree with him that Muslims of today cannot be responsible to what Gajnabi did, but at the same time what is wrong about telling the truth about it? I am a physicist and I hate any ideology!
Pramod, Phoenix
Nov 24, 2012
12:09 AM

Holding up key appointments on account of pending legislation? Are these BJP guys serious?

Anwaar, Dallas
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