Won't Apologise to MCI: Aamir Khan
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Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan today refused to apologise to the Indian Medical Association which has accused him of defaming the medical profession through his popular TV show Satyamev Jayate and said he is ready to face any legal action threatened by it.

"I am very comfortable if they (IMA) plan to take legal action if they feel that I have done something wrong. Of course, the courts are available for them. My answer is no, I will not be apologising," Aamir told NDTV.

The actor denied IMA's charge of defaming and insulting the medical profession.

"I deny that I have done that. I have the highest respect and regard for the medical profession," he said.

In an episode, aired on May 27, the 47-year-old actor highlighted the malpractices in the medical profession.

The IMA had demanded an immediate apology from Aamir and warned him of legal action if he failed to do so.

"Aamir Khan should apologise for having defamed and given one side of the story on medical profession. If he does not we are contemplating to take legal action against him for defaming and demoralising the medical profession in his TV show," IMA Secretary General Dr D R Rai had said.

Aamir, who has been focusing on social evils through the show, said his show is not against doctors or the medical profession.

"If the medical profession has been insulted and defamed by anybody, it is probably by those who are indulging in unethical practises," Aamir said.

Aamir said he had received two kinds of responses from the medical profession after the episode was aired. One was the kind of response that IMA has given while the other one has been "extremely positive" from doctors.

"I have received letters from various doctors saying that they are so happy when they saw the show that finally someone is talking about this because this is something they were upset about and did not know how to deal with," he said.

These doctors were unhappy about various "unethical practices" which were going on in the medical profession.

"They have actually thanked and congratulated me for having done what I did," he said.

Aamir said that doctor K K Talwar, head of the Medical council of India (MCI), who was on the show, had written a letter to him which was very encouraging.

"I can imagine it would not have been easy for Dr Talwar to face the tough questions that I had for him on the show that day but he faced those questions and wrote the letter after the show was televised saying that he really liked it," the actor said.

Talwar said that everything would be done by the MCI to improve the situation.

"A statement like this really encourages me because I feel he is someone in a position of power at this point of time. If he has a positive attitude towards bringing about change, then that is wonderful to hear and know," he said.

Aamir said he was aware that a few doctors were unhappy with him. It is up to the medical profession to take action to remove this disrepute that is faced by this noble profession.
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Must See
Daily Mail

Jun 08, 2012
12:53 AM

Correction: Should have read

Do you seriously think this guy will actually understand and respond as some one with a developed thought process?

Amar Prem, Boston
Jun 08, 2012
12:49 AM

Congratulations Kel, You have successfully added one more word to your 6 word vocabulary...'Divorced'. But please stop using it in every post of yours. Like in this post you could have tried 'devoid'. Anyway, I like that you are putting in effort.

Irreverant, my friend, you are wasting your time. You are actually trying to anaylse a situation in order to elicit a discussion with someone whose posts in their entirety can be summed up in 6 words. Every news item chooses to have an opinion (spew venom) on has exactly the same 6 words, Do you seriously think this guy will actually understand and respond as some one whose a developed thought process.

Anwaar: Making an ass of yourself in a public forum is not good for your image

Look who is talking (I know snide remark, but I had to say it!)...But I agree with you, Satya and Kel both have this talent. No matter what the topic of discussion, they have a set of templates which they tweak here and there to present the same old rhetoric with new subjects. Kel will question everyone's intelligence (Who gave you the authority, bird brain)? And Satya will bring in religion. It is kinda getting boring here a bit.


Amar Prem, Boston
Jun 07, 2012
05:26 PM

Way to go Aamir. Emperical data suggests that malpractices (over and unnecessary charging and even negligence) are not really small exceptions by small number of black sheep as the MCI makes it out to be. It is high enough to be very concerned, it is a serious enough problem and it is on the rise for sure.

Unlike for example the US, Doctors as a rule (barring some exception due to their experience in places like US) do not have the culture of communicating, building confidence and trust in the patients and their loved ones - ask a question and mostly you are made to feel like a puny ignorant unwanted mortal talking to the big God himself with contempt and I don't have the time for you - don't waste my time in the body language. Nor do patients have access to the kind of justice system that can minimize negligence unlike the US.

I am quite clear if I have the money and I am on an operating table for anything significant I would prefer a doctor in the US. Since I don't have the money, I just keep praying that me or my loved ones don't have to be on an operating table for anything life and death. So far my wish is coming true and I keep my fingers crossed and praying for it everyday. Why do you think the rich and powerful mostly go the US for treatment?

Arun Maheshwari, Bangalore
Jun 07, 2012
01:30 PM
Comment removed for violation of Website Policy
Bangalore, India
Jun 07, 2012
11:44 AM


>> IMA has not asked Aamir to apologise because he is a Muslim.

I know! You are the only moron who brings up his religion. Even easy issues are difficult for you. You should discuss only those issues which you understand. Making an ass of yourself in a public forum is not good for your image.

Anwaar, Dallas
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