Women Should Dress Carefully: Chiranjit
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Reviving the age-old debate on how women should dress, actor-turned Trinamool MP Chiranjit Chakroborty today said women should be "conscious" of what they wear.

"We should definitely work towards removing this stigma but again women can be a little more conscious about what they are wearing," Chiranjit told reporters at the Barasat police station where he had gone to inquire regarding an eve-teasing case.

He, however, asserted, "any act of eve-teasing should be condemned and the culprit caught and punished."

Chiranjit inquired about the progress made in the case involving a youth who was caught allegedly teasing a girl at Barasat railway station in North 24 Parganas district last night.

The girl, a resident of Banamalipur here, was returning from tuition when the accused Ramesh Das started teasing her. He was caught by people at the station and was beaten up.

The girl's father was also present at the station, sources said.

Das was then handed over to the police, produced before a local court that remanded him to judicial custody for 14 days.
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Must See
Daily Mail

Jul 30, 2012
02:07 PM

"What Chiranjit has said can not be denied..."

Sure! And since you are from Rajasthan, can you please explain the rapes that happen in villages where women wear lahnga and cover their faces in ghunghat!

Can you explain why little girls are raped?

Can you explain why boys are raped?

These are raped because the rapists cant control their lust and criminal behaviour, not because of the length of skirts of the victims.

Kiran Bagachi, mumbai
Jul 30, 2012
05:23 AM

Guys who got the oppurtunity to Discuss Women's Skirt length yet another time,

I think that all who discuss about women's skirt length , actually do so because they enjoy the Indirect Sexual Pleasure of discussing women's dress.

The eve teaser, who is cook, since he is male,  he will teach us all how to dress. and if we dont dress up according to his wish, he has the right to tease /molest/slap/rape/kill us. Of course why not ? Whats next ? See a man, any man , bow our head? Lower our gaze and address all male as Master ? 

Chiranjit also said the only reason we all dress up is to Entertain males. As far as I know, Chiranjit's daughter lives in US , really would like to know whether she wears Sari daily in the spirit of true Bhartiya Nari, If she doesnt, then whom does she 'entertain'? 

Lopamudra, Charlotte
Jul 29, 2012
10:51 PM

 Those who oppose minister's statement may go out as they want even naked with their families. They have no danger out side as half the onlookers will not look at them due to shame feelings and rest will be scared of them as "NANGE SE TO KHUDA BHI DARATA HAI"

dinesh chauksey, bhopal
Jul 29, 2012
09:52 PM

 I always knew that to be prominent in The Maharani's Party (TMC) one must excel in nuisance value. Hence this obscene competition among TMC leaders to demonstrate how low they can stoop. The lower you reach the more you come to the Queen's notice and get elevated. Chiranjit must not be that happy just being an MLA; he seems to have some higher aspirations which the Queen alone can fulfill. After yesterday's ugly comments his rating in the party hierarchy must have terribly gone up. Seemingly libidinous, Chiranjit possibly means to advocate shorter skirts for greater entertainment of animals roaming around as human to whom he feels both empathy and affinity. Infuriated, some readers of TOI in their comments have proposed Gangajal treatment for him. I am not for violence. But I do know that his party cannot take any step against him for such 'small' incidents and 'personal' comments. In fact, taking any step would be an anathema because the whole party is built of such stuff. If the supremo with fabricated degree and the record of rampaging the assembly can become the CM and can spend lakhs of rupees for self-projection as the symbol of honesty, people of Chiranjit's ilk are just Cerelac babies in the measure of sins committed. Are you having some sympathies for the intellectuals who called for poribartan? You need not worry really. Many of them have already understood their folly and have come out of the pernicious claws. And you can surmise the responses of those who remain -- the trinabhojis (surviving on financial largesse thrown by the TMC): i) no comments till I find the full report, ii) it is his personal view, nothing to do with the party. In a democracy people have the right to express their own views. Ours is not a regimented party like the CPIM (in passing, none of them understands the meaning of regimented party. All they know is that it is a bad word which can be freely used against CPIM); iii) the Supremo will explain, if necessary. Since our party is democratic, unlike the CPIM, only the Queen can say. We only listen and then forget. iv) The women should also learn to be properly dressed ( unspoken but meant -- so our appetite is not whetted.) v) (to the anchor) you are highlighting it so much as if such things have never happened. Don't you remember, in 1757 an Indian soldier told it to Hume; in 1885 Clive gave the same advice to Gandhi, in 1929 returning from Chicago Swamiji told that Indians will rank first in the world not by imitating the West's minis or midis but by wearing four sarees stitched into one. Great as well as ordinary men, political leaders as well as police officials have always said something or other about the proper attire of women. Why singling out Chiranjit. This is typical Bengali jealousy. Since you know his name is being considered for the Oscar next year you are out to blemish his character. But remember HER blessings are always with him -- rane, bane, jangale.

Satyabrata Chakraborty, Kolkata
Jul 29, 2012
02:30 PM

 How can anyone with any sense of reality argue with what this MP said? 

Pradip Singh, STAFFORD
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