Why Was the Delhi Braveheart Moved to Singapore?: IMA
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Condoling the death of the gang- rape victim, the Indian Medical Association today questioned the airlifting of the 23-year-old victim to Singapore for advanced treatment and wanted to know whether hospitals in India lack infrastructure to treat such patients.

The IMA sought to ask the government whether the reason to shift the patient was purely for medical purposes or there were other factors.

The paramedic student was airlifted to Singapore on Wednesday night after undergoing treatment for 10 days at the Safdarjung Hospital. Many doctors have questioned the move with some directly attacking the government, saying it was a political move.

K Vijayakumar, President of the IMA, told PTI that a doubt arises in everyone's mind whether the country's premier institutes and hospitals lack infrastructure to treat such patients.

"Indian hospitals have infrastructure at par with their counterparts in other countries. India is emerging as a major centre of medical tourism and obviously the shifting of the girl raises the question whether our hospitals lack the necessary facilities?" he asked.

Indian doctors are "equally competent" to handle such cases, Vijayakumar said.

Condoling the death, Honorary Secretary of IMA Dr Narendra Saini also wanted to know the reasons behind shifting the girl from India to Singapore.

"Is it safe or of any advantage to transfer of patient in this condition? Do our hospitals lack infrastructure or our doctors incompetent to handle such patients or this particular decision was taken for other reasons?" he asked.

Both the President and Honorary Secretary of the IMA demanded that the government come out with some criteria and norms to be followed in cases of transferring patients to other hospitals.

Earlier in the day, as questions cropped up over shifting the Delhi gangrape victim to Singapore, the doctor, who led the team that treated her in Safdarjung Hospital, and another who accompanied her in the air ambulance, today rebutted criticism of the decision saying the intention was to save her at any cost.

Maintaining that this was not not the time to have a debate whether the decision to shift her was political or medical, Dr BD Athani, Superintendent of Safdarjung Hospital, said, "The pure intention was to save her. The whole nation was praying for her and everyone was hoping for the best. We could not have given hope. We wanted to save her."

Dr Yatin Mehta, a critical care specialist of the Medanta Medicity Hospital, said he was surprised by criticism of the decision.

Some experts like Dr Samiran Nandi of the Ganga Ram Hospital had expressed surprise why a critically ill patient with infection in blood and body, high grade fever who was on ventilator was being transferred.

"It was always a clever retrospection. Doctors are always at (their) best to criticise the decisions of other doctors and that is not not fair," Mehta said on the criticism.

Mehta said the patient survived for 48 hours in Singapore and so it cannot be said that she should not have been transferred.

"Secondly, there is no comparison between government hospitals in India and Mount Elizabeth in Singapore. I am not not talking about the expertise of the doctors but about the infrastructure. We need to acknowledge that," Mehta said.

Dr Athani said she had most serious forms of injuries to her intestine and genital system.

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Must See
Daily Mail

Dec 30, 2012
09:46 AM

 Why Was the Delhi Braveheart Moved to Singapore? >>>

Why does Sonia Gandhi get treatment abroad in an undisclosed country, for an undisclosed illness,  for an undiclosed cost to the taxpayer?

bharat, delhi
Dec 30, 2012
09:14 AM

 The government of India cremated her in secrecy, just like what the Americans did to Osama bin Laden. They first moved her to Singapore and in doing so, hastened her death. After her death, they treated her body like that of a terrorist. This is a day of national shame. Each and every member of the top brass of the government of India needs to be tried and hanged. The Republic is dead today.

Ravi Jain, Hyderabad
Dec 30, 2012
08:24 AM

 It is heartening to note that finally IMA has woken up with courage to question on the government for the need for air lifting the rape victim to singapore and has diagnosed the cause as political expediency rather than saving life. As we have seen, government is wooden headed. Our hospitals are well upgraded well with all modern facility but many of them lack maintenance attention of the equipments purchased. Infact, our opthalmological care hospitals are well equipped on par with the world class centres and the surgical procedures are not inferior and that is why there is very good medical tourism to India where the foreigners spend less for treatment inspite of the flight charges, halting and expenses to the hospitals.Our cancer hospitals  are well on par with the hospitals  of united states or any other in the world and our medical men, many of them with investigative diagnositcs are  identifying fresh areas. All readers must remember that Mrs. Sonia Gandhiji, without even knowledge of her own partymen, bolted away to Sloan Kettering Hospital to get treated when there are hospitals well equipped with the experts and equipments for all the cancer diagnostics and surgical procedures. is it a scorn on the indian expertise or the trip was a combination of holidaying too. Why IMA did not raise this point at appropriate time? Will anyone answer this?  No doubt, the question of IMA is relevant and any child will laugh if someone bluffs it is in the interest of the victim."Sab Teek hai?"

shree, chennai
Dec 30, 2012
06:55 AM

Indias hospitals may or may not have infrastructure. Congress government spin doctors are at best how to do political damage control.  We have seen in the past. The decision to move her was political, not medical.

The question that need to be answered through an independent investigation is: was it the decision of doctors at sufderjang to move her to singapoor or was it made for political urgency?

Pramod, Phoenix
Dec 30, 2012
01:49 AM

Because if she hadn't been moved, the dented and painted aunty brigade would have had an apoplexy asking why she wasn't sent abroad for better treatment

Shubhang, Delhi
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