Video Shows PNS Babur Brushing Against INS Godavari
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A video purportedly showing Pakistani Naval Ship (PNS) Babur brushing against INS Godavari in Gulf of Aden during the rescue of hostages on-board merchant vessel MV Suez in June, surfaced on the internet today.

The video, which appears to have been shot by a Pakistan sailor on board PNS Babur, shows the Pakistani ship brushing the other in high sea amidst anti-Indian slogans.

Meanwhile, Defence Minister on Monday, while informing Parliament on the stand-off between the two navies, had said that a protest was lodged with the Pakistan government through the High Commission here against the violation of relevant regulations of navigational safety by the Pakistani naval ship.

"While carrying out anti-piracy patrol, INS Godavari on coming close to MV Suez, which had earlier been hijacked, tried to establish communication to ascertain safety of crew," the Defence Minister had said.

"But PNS Babur closed INS Godavari at high speed from astern and carried out a maneuver in gross violation of relevant regulations on navigational safety and in the process touched Godavari, marginally damaging the extended safety net on the helicopter deck," Antony said.
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Daily Mail

Aug 06, 2011
10:38 AM

Has anyone asked what Godavari was doing there in the first place?

MV Suez had been released after payment of ransom and was being escorted by PNS Babar. She was in no danger from anyone. INS Godavari was detached from her patrol station many miles away (100? 200?) to RV the Suez. There was absolutely no operational reason for this move, which was on solely political considerations. Thanks to the ill informed criticism in the media, the govt was under pressure to be seen to be "doing something" and the navy duly obliged.

When domestic politics start driving military deployments, we are in serious trouble.

Bonita, Chennai
Aug 06, 2011
09:48 AM

 At sea both ships have a responsibility to keep clear of the other one though the degree of responsibility varies. Games like these have been played by navies for a long time so is not something new. That the incident has not been blown out of proportion speaks volumes. 

K Sanjiv, Visakhapatnam
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