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True Muslims Cannot Vote for the BJP: Abu Azmi
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A day after making a controversial comment saying Muslims who do not vote for his party were not "true Muslims", Samajwadi Party leader Abu Asim Azmi today said true Muslims could not vote for the BJP.

"BJP has always been cruel and unjust towards Muslims. Then how can a true Muslim vote for the BJP? When Mulayam Singh was the chief minister, he saved the Babri Masjid from getting demolished," Azmi told PTI today over phone.

"There was a time when the madrasas in UP were termed as dens of the ISI. But after the SP government came in power, they got justice. Now no one dares to relate madrasas to the ISI," he said.

He said the BJP's claims of Muslims joining the saffron outfit were untrue.

"When there are public meets by the BJP and its prime ministerial candidate, burqa clad women and men with beard are being made to sit on stage with BJP leaders to give a false impression that Muslims are supporting the saffron party. But these are duplicate Muslims," Azmi alleged.

Meanwhile, BJP spokesperson Shaina NC said such statements were made only to play vote-bank politics.

"The BJP condemns his statement. He is a regressive human being who has humiliated women in the past and is now humiliating his own party. The voters should give him a befitting reply...Enough of regressive thoughts and votebank politics," Shaina told PTI.

Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha alleged that the Samajwadi Party government had failed to protect Muslims in UP during the Muzaffarnagar riots.

"The state(UP) government has been caught napping and has been proved ineffectual in stopping the riots. And that by itself is a manifestation that SP has failed to protect minorities, particularly the Muslims," Jha said.

While addressing a rally at Khalilabad in UP yesterday, Azmi raked up a controversy by saying Muslims who do not vote for the SP were not "true Muslims" and that their DNA test should be conducted to see if they belonged to the RSS.

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Must See
Daily Mail

May 05, 2014
12:39 PM


>> You have supported/ justified Sikh killing by congress goons.

You are a liar. I never supported or justified it. All I said was that even though it was started by some Congressis, several BJP and RSS men joined in, and that all the killing was done almost exclusively by Hindus. RSS did however officially oppose it and so did Vajpayee.

>> You support freedom of expression when it is written about others (Doniger book), but you label anyone commenting on Mohammad's 4-wive as "religious slur".....

I am against bringing in religion and religious icons (including Muhammed, Ram, Jesus etc)  in political discussions. This is usually being done when someone has lost a political discussion and so decides to throw some mud on his opponents' religious icon! Whether Doniger was deliberately trying to slur Hindu gods or whether her Freudian interpretations seem to be slurs is a disputed issue. Many of our liberal and erudite journalists and academicians opined that it was a mistake to withdraw the book, but none of them have ever said that it is okay to insult Muhammed or Ram or Christ in order to win an argument.

Anwaar, Dallas
May 05, 2014
04:56 AM

Anwaar, Dallas,
I know what you have been doing in this forum. I will begin with two examples to start with and keep things simple:

1. You have supported/ justified Sikh killing by congress goons in 1984, just because congress is opposed to Modi who you hate modi!

2. You support freedom of expression when it is written about others (Doniger book), but you label anyone commenting on Mohammad's 4-wive as "religious slur" (which is not even an alternate version, but the first version)

You show consistently duplicity in this forum and even after being shown mirror by others you refuse to wipe off kalik (thanks for introducing the word kalik) from your face!

Pramod, Tucson
May 05, 2014
02:25 AM


>>>> Jihadi Muslims like Anwaar want Islamic state wherever they are in majority.

>> You are either a liar or a rascal or both.

You are a liar or a rascal or both for calling me a Jihadi Muslim and assuming that I want an Islamic state. I have been fighting the idea of an Islamic state for a long time. Here is an example of innumerable comments that I have posted on Muslim websites:  "Separating religion from state is an absolute necessity if Muslim countries have any ambition to be democratic and civilized. Religion must also be separated from science, civil, criminal and personal laws, and national politics."

Anwaar, Dallas
May 04, 2014
09:22 PM

Pay close attention to % number of Mulsim popolations in these countries  ---> Clearly non-muslims are dessimated by jihadis in these countries!

Pramod, Tucson
May 04, 2014
09:18 PM

>> Jihadi Muslims like Anwaar want Islamic state wherever they are in majority.
You are either a liar or a rascal or both.
Anwaar, Dallas
Obviously, you cannot read the political map of Islamic Countries, just like the 'zero loss" guy Kapil Sibbal could not read 2G scam.

Here is the list of countries with major Muslim populations ( HOW MANY CONTRIES IN THE LIST ARE SECULAR?).


Lying and calling names is your expertise ...


Pew Research Center report of The Future of the Global Muslim Population, as of 27 January 2011

Afghanistan                      99.8 % Muslim population
Algeria                             98.2% Muslim population
Bahrain                            81.2% Muslim population
Bangladesh                      90.4% Muslim population
Egypt                              94.7% Muslim population
Indonesia                         88.1% Muslim population
Iran                                 99.7% Muslim population
Iraq                                 98.9% Muslim population
Jordan                            98.8% Muslim population
Kuwait                            86.4% Muslim population
Libya                              96.6% Muslim population
Morocco                         99.9% Muslim population
Niger                             98.3% Muslim population
Nigeria                          47.9% Muslim population
Oman                           87.7% Muslim population
Pakistan                      96.4% Muslim population
Palestinian territories    97.5% Muslim population
Saudi Arabia                97.1% Muslim population
Somalia                       98.6% Muslim population
Sudan                         71.4% Muslim population
Syria                           92.8% Muslim population
United Arab Emirates   76.0% Muslim population
Yemen                        99.0% Muslim population


Pramod, Tucson
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