Tewari Takes a Dig at Rajnath Over PM Candidate Issue
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Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari today took a dig at BJP President Rajnath Singh over his appeal to colleagues not to air opinions regarding the party's prime ministerial nominee saying that such home remedies cannot treat "chronic delusionites".

Tewari made this comment in a early morning post on the social networking site Twitter and later told reporters that the country was watching BJP's inner conflict.

"Even Rajnath Singhji's home remedies can't treat the chronic delusionites his esteemed colleagues suffer from. Fantansyland is addictive place," Tewari said.

He later told reporters that though elections were far, the ambitions of BJP leaders kept manifesting themselves.

"The entire country is watching the inner conflict which is happening between the leaders of the BJP. At present no election date can be seen on any horizon but there ambitions keep gathering pace," Tewari said.

"The people who live in such imaginary worlds and whose daily routine is composed of day dreams, they have no concern for people, there concerns or their welfare," he said.

Tewari said whatever the BJP President may instruct, people had clearly seen those, the basis of whose politics is ambition.

In a bid to put down partymen airing views on its prime ministerial candidate, the BJP President had yesterday issued a virtual gag order on the issue which was breached by two leaders from Bihar pitching for Narendra Modi.

Concerned over party leaders voicing their opinion in public and the fissures within NDA on the issue of declaring the Gujarat Chief Minister as BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate, Singh had made a "final appeal" to his party leaders not to speak on the issue.

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Must See
Daily Mail

Feb 06, 2013
02:56 AM

>> Rajnath's strategy is clear. Get the BJP, RSS and VHP to agree on Modi's candidature

Weren't you claiming that RSS/VHP want Modi as PM candidate?

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Feb 06, 2013
02:23 AM

Rajnath's strategy is clear. Get the BJP, RSS and VHP to  agree on Modi's candidature, but tell NDA partners that no decision has been made!

Anwaar, Dallas
Feb 05, 2013
06:42 PM

''Will Manmohan Singh be forced to retire?

However, a section of the Congress is reportedly doing some rather loud, rather confused out-of-the-box thinking
What -- they ponder -- if Singh insists on retiring, vacates the office of prime minister, appeals to Rahul Gandhi to take over and early Lok Sabha polls are declared?
If you think this scenario is bizarre, check out Plan B – which is even more... for want of a better word... strange!

Plab B has been suggested in case Singh retires and a reticent Rahul declines the prime minister's kursi (chair). In this scenario, current Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde could be the next stop-gap prime minister.
  One wonders which convoluted brain came up with this solution, considering the amount of trouble Shinde -- who seems to suffer from an incurable foot-in-the-mouth disease -- has gotten into ever since he became home minister.

 AICC General Secretary Janardhan Dwivedi was – in preparation for this very important event -- spotted in Allahabad recently.Dwivedi's mission, it is believed, was to get a heavyweight akhara to host the Gandhis.""


Mumbai, India
Feb 05, 2013
06:17 PM

 Already our PM has been portrayed as the lapdog of Sonia. This fellow is another sub dog.

shree, chennai
Feb 05, 2013
02:35 PM

What manish has to think before commenting on BJP is, there is democracy at work in the main opposition where the post of the highest executive is discussed & people have the choice to give their opinion.

Where is such democracy in the Congress. It was a foregone conclusion that Rahul will be their next leader & nobody has the guts to speak whether he really deserves it or anybody else is capable than him.

Stop this arrogance Manish.

A day should come when this country will have a PM who is elected by the people & not appointed by an Individual. 

Anil S Dandina, Mysore
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