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Team Kejriwal is Now the Aam Aadmi Party
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Last week, Panini Anand reported in Outlook:

And what of the name of the new party, to be launched on November 26, the day the Constituent Assembly approved the draft Constitution? What better than calling it the Aam Aadmi Party, since he is what the party stands for. “The idea, say IAC sources, “is to tell people that this is their own party, not the legacy of any family or ideology”. It’s so far the most popular choice among the thousand-odd suggestions, though this too isn’t final.

And expectedly, Arvind Kejriwal's party was today formally named 'Aam Admi Party' at a meeting of its founder members here during which the Constitution for the organisation was also adopted.

Over two months after his split with Anna Hazare to take a political plunge, Arvind Kejriwal today launched his party naming it 'Aam Admi with an aim to provide gram sabhas more say in law making and making higher judiciary accessible to common man.

The launch of the party came at a day-long meeting of around 320 people here during which the party's Constitution, which envisages establishment of 'Swaraj' in the country, was also adopted. The meeting was held at Constitution Club.

The new party will begin its electoral fight with Delhi where Assembly elections are due towards the end of next year.

"For the past one-and-a-half-years we have been knocking at the doors of various parties on Lokpal Bill. But every party betrayed us when it came to Lokpal Bill. So we decided during the fast in August that this movement will take a political plunge.

"As a result of this, the Aam Admi Party has been launched today. Aam admi (common man) will now contest elections, aam admi will vote and aam admi sit in Parliament. This party will change the way politics and political parties function in the country," Kejriwal told reporters.

Asked about Congress' reported objection to the use of 'Aam Admi', he said they hijacked the word earlier but they could not hijack the common man.

The formation of the party came after a bitter split with Anna Hazare over the question of the anti-corruption movement taking a political plunge as desired by Kejriwal.

Both Hazare and Kejriwal announced parting of ways on September 19 following differences over forming a party with the former sticking to his position that the movement should remain apolitical.

On October two, Kejriwal announced the formation of the party saying its official launch will be on November 26 to coincide with day the country's Constitution was adopted in 1949.

Kejriwal said the Vision Document speaks of bringing self-rule in the country and demands that the preamble be implemented in letter and spirit.

"The Panchayats have become corrupt. We are not talking about it. We want the gram sabhas, the mohalla sabhas in the cities to be actively involved in law making except for major issues like that on foreign policy and external security," he said.

There should be referendum, he said, and discounted objections about its effectiveness in the country.

"We also want to bring in a legal system where people get justice without having to spend money. Getting justice has become costly because lawyers charge heavily from people for fighting their case. Common man should have easy access to higher judiciary," he said.

After forming a National Council of 320 members which will be expanded by bringing one member from every district committee, Kejriwal said, 23 members were elected to the National Executive.

He said the strength of the Executive committee will be 30 and the remaining seats will be filled soon.

"We have to see that there is proper representation for all sections in the committee. If backward people, minorities etc does not have proper representation, then we can have five more members," he said.

He said the party will have two kinds of members -- ordinary and active members. Anyone can enroll himself as an ordinary member by paying Rs 10 as fee for three years and an ordinary member who works for the nation and party tirelessly for four months then he will be made active member.

"The decision on making one an active member will be taken by the committees. For the first time in the history of Indian politics, it has been decided that if one becomes a member of the State Executive or National Executive Councils, his or her relatives will not find place in any councils.

PTI story, with inputs from Outlook
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Must See
Daily Mail

Nov 25, 2012
09:48 PM

 The only case when a political party was started and came to power in short span was TDP. But TDP success in 1983 was due to NTR. NTR was no ordinary politician, he was an unrivalled phenomenon in AP. And Kejriwal (with due respects to him) is not NTR. And remember AP was just one state.

One can even say that TDP's quick win in AP in 1983 was due to the 30 years of investment of NTR in Telugu film industry. That way, Kejriwal is just now appearing in news papers . I did not know of this person till a couple of years back. And aam admi is even now unaware of him.He has very long way to go. Let us c. For now,the one and only real alternative to UPA misrule is NDA/BJP and there is no change in that till 2014.

Ramki, Delhi
Nov 25, 2012
09:44 PM


I know that. That is not a problem. Personally I like YY and really impressed with some of his views. His being a OBC is a plus too. But trust is not something i wiould like to put with YY. In his previous avtar, he ran opinion polls that were obviously subjective (to please establshment). Maybe that was genuine error. But still just mentioning it. Good luck to YY . And BTW that is not going to stop me from supporting NDA/BJP. Just that we need a good rival to NDA/BJP and CON party is not fit for even that .

Ramki, Delhi
Nov 25, 2012
09:42 PM

 Reg the AAP, I do agree that there is a scope for an alternative political formation in India. We have a right of center formation (NDA/BJP) and a dynastic cult (Congress) and we can have a left leaning but pro national formation as a counter balance. The existing left has failed to do anything in last 65 years so AAP is more of a replacement of Left at national level.

Having said that AAP will not be able to acheive significantly much in 2014 elections . Why?

It takes many many years of hard effort to build a party to strength to come to power on its own, in India. India is a vast and diverse country with several thousand castes, communities and language groups and beliefs and cultures.

Take the current rightist alternative to BJP - Its parent organization RSS is there since 1925. The predecessor Jan Sangh was there since 1952, but it took 25 years for them to be part of a brief goverment at delhi (janata 1977). Then they started BJP but it took nearly 20 years to come back to power, that also part of an alliance. And BJP had to make several compromises on the way to come to power.

Even Congress party of today, which is ruling most of 65 years of free india has come on back of its freedom movement era existence from 1885.

Take regional parties - Shiv Sena started in 1960s came to power in 1995. TMC in 1998 took 13 years to march to power. DMK started in 1950 came to power in 1967. 

AAP can make a mark in Delhi state polls and then in 2014 can grab a few lok sabha seats in Delhi/Mumbai and maybe Bangalore. That is all for now. A national party needs several state level leaders of appeal and strength. Such leaders are not going to come instantly into the party. Currently AAP is absent beyond Vindhyas. They should have considered a name that can be understood in South India but chose to stuck with Hindi. One can leave that for now. But it needs lots of hard work and even lot of compromise to be part of power. Arvind has a few arm chair intellectuals around him they alone cannot win polls .Hope he realises this.

Ramki, Delhi
Nov 25, 2012
09:27 PM

This party has no future...its destined to be a failure.

Sooner "The Bhusans" and the "Kejriwals"  understands this...the Better !!

Jo Mb, kolkata
Nov 25, 2012
09:25 PM


You will be thrilled to know that Yogendra Yadav is a member of NAC. 

R. Saroja
Bombay, India
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