Take Responsibility for Sons: PM on Rising Rape Cases
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Against the backdrop of rising cases of rape, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said such incidents make "our heads hang in shame" and asked parents to take responsibility for their son's actions and put the same restrictions on them as they put on their daughters.

"Today, when we hear about incidents of rape, our heads hang in shame. People give different arguments. Some blame it on psychological problem. Every parent who has a 10 year old girl at home, ask them where are they going, when will they come back and tell them to call back home after reaching their place.

"But have you ever asked as to where is your son going, why are they going and who are your friends. After all the person committing the crime are the sons of someone," he said in his Independence Day speech.

Every mother and father should keep a tab on their sons and hold them accountable much like the way they put restrictions on girls, he said.

"Let every parent decide to put the same restrictions on their sons as they put on their daughters," he said.

He said while the law will take its course and be strict on such crime, parents should be equally responsible to check such incidents.

The Prime Minister also voiced concern over cases of female foeticide, stressing that they be stopped and warned doctors against becoming a partner in such crimes. 

Noting that girls are equal partners in the development of the nation, the Prime Minister said such cases are a reflection of the rot that has crept in society in the 21st century.

"Today sex ratio is 940 girls to 1000 boys. Who is creating this imbalance. Not God. I want to appeal to the doctors not to kill the unborn girl child for money," he said.

The Prime Minister said he has often seen families prefer boys in the hope that they will look after them when they are old.

"But I have also seen families, where the single girl devotes her life to serve parents, staying away from marriage. I appeal to mothers and daughters, don't kill girls in the hope of a boy," he said.

In this regard, he hailed the performance of girls in the recently concluded Commonwealth Games, saying out of 64 medallists, 29 were girls.

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Must See
Daily Mail

Aug 17, 2014
04:04 AM

Polygamy should be a birthright for every man in this world. This is one thing I really like about Islam. It is excellent , beautiful, and it gives man so much privilege.Wow; I am jealous of Anwaar.

george, london
Aug 16, 2014
03:11 PM

""Today sex ratio is 940 girls to 1000 boys. Who is creating this imbalance. Not God. I want to appeal to the doctors not to kill the unborn girl child for money"

Actually if Modi believes in God. this IS 'Gods' act, manipulated into a propaganda tool by feminists.

This propaganda misrepresents the 'normal' skewed sex ratio statistics in different countries at birth, ( invariably males have a much shorter life span ) by antimale organisations, that have been easliy taught to an illiterate Prime Minister. .

Misogynist, Chennai
Aug 16, 2014
12:30 AM

Jo Mb,

>> "It may sound naive to Jehadi Mullahs who profess chlid sex abuse and polygamy !"

What a hateful idiot! There are more polygamous Hindus in India than Muslims according to the last census. And just follow the daily newspaper reports of child sexual abuse to know the facts. Moron!


Anwaar, Dallas
Aug 15, 2014
04:49 PM

What would Jehadi Mullahs know about asking parents to take responsibility of their sons' actions? 

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Aug 15, 2014
01:38 PM

>> '' Somewhat naive approach to the problem of molestation of women ''

It may sound naive to Jehadi Mullahs who profess chlid sex abuse and polygamy !

JO MB, Kolkata
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