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SP Member Tears Quota Bill Amid Scuffle in Lok Sabha
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In yet another low in Parliament, a Samajwadi Party member stunned the Lok Sabha by snatching the copy of the bill for quota in promotion from Minister V Narayanasamy and another tearing it as a scuffle broke out when Congress chief Sonia Gandhi tried to retrieve the Bill.

The action of SP member Yashvir Singh, a dalit, triggered commotion and scuffle between members of his party and the Congress, who threw a protective ring around Gandhi in the Well of the House.

The incident triggered a war of words outside between the Congress and its outside ally Samajwadi Party, which is strongly opposed to reservation in promotion for SCs and STs in government jobs.

However, unfazed by the protest from an isolated SP, the third of its kind in Parliament, government pledged to move the bill for consideration in the House tomorrow.

A verbal spat followed between the Congress and SP member and a shocked Speaker Meira Kumar abruptly adjourned the House for the day.

Hell broke loose as Narayanasamy rose to move the Constitution (117th Amendment) Bill for consideration of the House. The Bill had been passed by the Rajya Sabha on Monday.

Singh came from aisle on the extreme left side of the House and took away the Bill from Narayanasamy.

As a dazed minister watched in shock, Gandhi got up from her front row seat to grab the bill from Singh.

"I was taken aback," Narayanasamy said later.

Singh represents Uttar Pradesh's Nagina constituency, which is reserved for the Scheduled Castes. Incidentally, the Bill seeks to provide reservation to SCs/STs in promotion in government jobs.

Gandhi's swift move caught Singh unawares and he leaned back and flung the Bill to his colleague Neeraj Shekhar, who was in the Well. Shekhar tore the copy of the Bill and threw it in the Well.

The raised hand gesture of Singh angered Congress members and Vilas Muttemwar, K Bapi Raju and Kantilal Bhuria among others moved towards Gandhi and threw a protective ring around her.

In the melee, there was some pushing around of SP members by the agitated Congress leaders leading to a minor scuffle.

Amid the din, Speaker Meira Kumar abruptly adjourned the House for the day.

SP members were heard accusing Muttemwar of assaulting Singh as a Congress leader took the Nagpur member away from the scene.

In order to calm the tempers in the surcharged House, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath walked up to SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav who was surrounded by his party colleagues including Singh.

Congress members also sought to reach out to the BJP in the wake of incident but not to much success.

Samajwadi Party has been isolated on its opposition to the Bill which will ensure quota in promotion in government jobs for SC/ST employees.

BSP supremo Mayawati, an arch detractor of Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh politics, has been seeking to take credit for the passage of the bill in the Rajya Sabha.

Snatching and tearing of a bill from a minister's hand took place for the first in 1997 when a member of the ruling United Front coalition snatched the women's reservation bill from the then Prime Minister in the Lok Sabha. The second was also in similar circumstances in the Rajya Sabha last year when the Lokpal Bill was taken up.
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Must See
Daily Mail

Jan 04, 2013
08:56 PM

The Samajwadi Party has used a dalit MP as the assassin to kill the Bill that seeks 117th  Amendment of Constitution of India for providing reservation in promotion. This shows the mindset & philosophy of the Party towards the SCs and STs in perspective. 

Yashvir Singh, the MP representing Nagina SC Constituency is not an illiterate. Holder of a B. Tech. degree, the MP knows too well the meaning and significance of reservation in promotion for SC/ST communities. And such a person has been used as a hack to undo what the Parliament was to do the 19 Dec. 2012 by amending the Constitution.

This underlines yet another important aspect of the dalit and tribal leaderes elected from reserved constituencies to Assemblies and Parliament. They cannot dare or afford to oppose knowing full well what is/was patently against the community interest. If they deviate from the party's  anti-SC/ST policies, they face the prospect of being denied ticket in next election, besides  charges of disobeying Party whip.

In fact, no SC or ST leader, MLA or MP can ever afford to ignore opposition of  the general caste voters. They usually do not like any benefit reaching the SC/ST communities from the government. Look at what happens when a tubewell for driking water supply is installed. It has never been instaled in areas with sizeable SC or ST population. Never a school or college has been established in the areas dominated by SC or ST. Never a road is allowed to be built in the SC/ST dominated areas. A water channel for irrigation is neither allowed to benefit lands of the disadvantaged communities. No SC/ST MLA or MP can stand against such move by upper castes. They are majority as voters who win the day. SC/ST rarely benefit from their representatives as a result. 

So the great mischief done by Joint Electorate System under the  Poona Pact needs to be undone else the emancipation of SC or ST communities will remain a far cry---ever a dream. Their MLAs and MPs are slaves and captive in the cage of their respective political party. So there has to be demand for abolition of  the Joint electorate System at first. This is a major electoral reform to be undertaken by the country first. 

This is why when dalit or tribal girls or women are raped, murdered or massacres take place against them, no SC or ST MLA or MP has ever raised any voice againt the crime? This due to joint eletorate system. Upper caste Hindu voters in every constituency is larger than the SC or ST voters as the case may be. 

Separate elctorate system has to be in place to raise the quality of elected SC/ST  leaders.   

Sanket Biswas, Kolkata
Dec 20, 2012
10:18 AM

 a scuffle broke out when Congress chief Sonia Gandhi tried to retrieve the Bill. >>. All the newspapers vied with  have been giving dramatic and beautific spin on Sonia Gandhi's action in Parliament today.

Telegraph takes the cake as usual in its Sonia Gandhi bhajan :


Sonia Gandhi once captured with poignancy the tragedy that stalked the Nehru-Gandhi family when she wrote how she tried to stop Rajiv Gandhi from accepting prime ministership: “I fought like a tigress — for him, for us and our children, above all, for our freedom.”

This afternoon, that unfamiliar face was on display in the Lok Sabha when she fought for a bill that has pitted one UPA prop against another.


WHY didn't the channels just SHOW the footage of Sonia Gandhi so that we can see what really happened and draw our conclusion on whether Sonia fought like a tiger, pulled the SP member's hand, spoke a sentence in Parliament, injured her hand etc etc.

bharat, delhi
Dec 20, 2012
05:51 AM

 All this is drama, well rehearsed earlier in front of that kicking former FM,who is now the prez

harish naik, bangalore
Dec 20, 2012
05:48 AM

 Is this man aminister in the PMO or is he a PM himself!,since every answer which should be given in the paliament by the present dumb PM is given by this ugly man

harish naik, bangalore
Dec 19, 2012
11:03 PM

For once, the country must be thankful to SP.

The entire top echelons of bureaucracy has already been densely filled by idiots who would not have been even employable, if not for reservations. It will be better to carve out a separate country for the Mandalites than to screw the entire nation to the pander of their whims.

The Irreverent Indian
Online, India
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