SIT's Clean Chit to Modi in Riots Only One Input: Cong
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Congress today downplayed media reports about SIT giving a clean chit to Narendra Modi in post-Godhra riots, saying the agency's finding is "only one input" in the Supreme Court monitored probe and lambasted the BJP for demanding a closure of the case on this basis.

Asking the media to be "much more careful" in approaching such issues, party spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi also pointed out that the division bench of the High Court has indicted Modi for "inaction" during the riots.

"One aspect is SIT report. The other is the observation of a division of the High Court, which is a direct indictment of Modi government. If there is contradiction between the viewpoints of the two, then that of court has more weightage," party spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said.

He also suggested a foul play in the leak of SIT report saying it came out on the day the High Court observation came.

"The Supreme Court asked the SIT to investigate the matter, which is one input. The SC had said that this report must go to the trial court, which should hear the victims first. Today you have one aspect in SIT report. Other aspects are yet to come," Singhvi said.

Union Minister Ambika Soni lambasted Leader of Opposition Arun Jaitley for demanding a closure of the Gulbarga Society case on the basis of SIT's findings.

"I am really surprised a political activist of that level is giving reaction on a report, which is still in a sealed envelope. The Leader of Opposition is saying everything is over after the SIT report and the matter should be closed.

"This when only yesterday, the High Court indicted Modi government. That was enough for a governmetn to hang its head in shame. And today LoP is saying everything should be wound up. It shows where BJP wants to take the country," Soni said.

Jaitley had earlier said if reports suggesting that Special Investigation Team (SIT), which is probing 2002 riots, has given a clean chit to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi are true, then the case should be closed.
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Must See
Daily Mail

Feb 10, 2012
11:12 PM

"The leaked report does not suggest a clean chit. It says it found no “prosecutable evidence” against Modi."

When court didnt find “prosecutable evidence” against Chidambaram, miyan was getting multiple Os!

And it again proves that he and Sibal do not know a slap on the face from a kiss on the cheek!!

Kiran Bagachi, mumbai
Feb 10, 2012
01:20 PM

The leaked report does not suggest a clean chit. It says it found no “prosecutable evidence” against  Modi. But others will have to look at the same evidence afresh and also assess what evidence was left out.

Anwaar, Dallas
Feb 10, 2012
01:12 PM

>> If a 'BLIND MAN' cannot see a mountain does it PROVE that the mountain DOES NOT EXIST?

You are so right. If Congress does not see the writing on the wall, it does not mean the wall does not exist.

K.Suresh, Bangalore
Feb 10, 2012
12:45 PM

  If a 'BLIND MAN' cannot see a mountain does  it PROVE  that the mountain  DOES NOT EXIST?

teepee, kerala
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