SC Criticises VIP Security for Politicians
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Strongly disapproving of police protection given to "all and sundry," including MPs and MLAs facing no security threat, the Supreme Court today asked the Centre and all states to furnish names of the people given the security and the expenditure borne by states on it.

A bench headed by Justice G S Singhvi said only those who are holding important constitutional posts or are facing threat to their lives be given the police protection.

"Security can be given to the head of state, the Prime Minister, Vice President, Speaker, Chief Justice of India, the heads of constitutional authority and similar counterparts in the states. But why all and sundry is given red beacon and security. Even mukhia, sarpanch move with red beacon," the bench said.

It asked all the state and Union territories to furnish all the information regarding the persons enjoying police protection and the cost borne by the government on their security.

"Let the states file reply giving the names and the designation of the persons to whom security personal have been provided and the number of the security persons provided to them," the bench said.

Total cost borne by the state for providing security be also provided within three weeks, the bench said.

"Why should the government not take a decision to scrap and make it specific who can use red lights?," the bench said adding that family members of some persons who are living in villages are having dozen security personnel to protect them.

The bench was hearing a petition filed by UP resident on misuse of red beacon in the state.
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Must See
Daily Mail

Jan 18, 2013
04:27 PM

Bonita ... Correcto. This Desh needs a strong dosage of "physician heal thyself first", "leadership by example" and any other similar cliches circulating around the globe. Today we want someone else always to do something for a better Desh - and of course the political class is the best punching bag we all have as the source of all ills plaguing us - even for those who thrive on the backs of the political class such as the bureaucracy, judiciary and most industralists.

Comes back to age old ancient disease we suffer from. Too much preaching .... too little practice. As a general rule, most foreigners also think of us a very preachy sanctimonious lot with a fragile brittle ego on top of it - resulting in a huge huge chasm between theory/words and practice.

On the VIP/VVIP/VV*IP menance we have, the solution first has to start with the aam-admi (mango people) - stop using this acronym (I don't think this is used anywhere in any part of the civilized world anymore) and create a pressure on media to stop it too, stop inviting these chaps as chief guests in all and sundry occassions (including one where there is no relevance even - a dance program where the joker doesn't even know ABCD of dance), stop fawning and falling all over in a grotesque display of servility when one of these chaps show up. Treat them as nothing special - they have a job to do just like the rest of us - they should go about doing it - just like the rest of go about our job. Passing an exam or winning an election doesn't make them any special - in fact as of now they aren't very smart given the kind of mess we have - if they were really smart people, worthy of special considerations, should we have the mess we have in any aspect of Governance one looks at. Stop worshipping for a lifetime just those who happened to "crack" an exam when they were 18-25 years. Worship those that create something enduring.

Arun Maheshwari, Bangalore
Jan 18, 2013
11:51 AM

 I trust the Hon'ble Judges of the SC and their learned brethren at the HCs will set the example by dispensing with their security details and lal battis. They could also set an example by instructing their drivers to comply with traffic regulations.

Bonita, Chennai
Jan 18, 2013
11:33 AM

 Dear 2/D-46

The courts are increasingly stepping into the executive domain precisely because the executive has totally abdicated its duties. Governance has collapsed both at the Centre and State levels, and lawlessness reigns all over the country. The citizenry has been thrown to the wolves. It isn't the ideal situation for courts to direct the government to act in a particular way, because judges are not trained in the art of administration. But to object to such judicial activism in the given desperate situation is to adopt a "dog in the manger" policy: neither will Government do what it is supposed to do, nor will they allow the courts to direct them to perform their duties. A case in point is the compulsion for all public vehicles in Delhi to switch to CNG fuel, which greatly solved the pall of pollution over the city. There are hundreds of other such examples where the judiciary has come to the rescue of the citizens where the state has failed them abysmally. Thank god for an activist judiciary, however imperfect the solutions may be!

Ramesh Ramachandra, Bangalore
Jan 18, 2013
10:43 AM

While there is no disagreement with what the SC has observed, it is clearly outside its jurisdiction amounting to judicial activism. SC should have commented only if the law of the land is violated. Increasingly it is acting like a self-appointed ombudsman. If it is acting 'in good faith', it could have chosen any of the number of serious issues (corruption, inefficiency, indiscriminate adjournments, malafide bails, inordinate delays - to name a few) plaguing the judiciary that is seriously affecting dispensation of justice.

K.Suresh, Bangalore
Jan 17, 2013
11:34 PM

 Because we live in a feudal society where every tom, dick and harry has created his own fiefdom and wants to live the high life based on tax payer money.

tejinder, st louis
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