RSS Hints at Backing Modi as BJP's PM Candidate
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In an oblique hint, RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat today appeared to back Narendra Modi as BJP's prime ministerial candidate but said the party will be responsible for the consequences of its decision.

Speaking at the VHP 'dharma sansad', a gathering of religious leaders, he referred to the clamour for Modi as PM candidate at the meet and also elsewhere.

Without referring to the Gujarat Chief Minister by name, Bhagwat said, "People know what is in your heart. The whole country is echoing with the same voice.

"And that is why we should not interfere in what should be done. They (BJP) will have to take a decision on what is to be done..... Whatever we may say, those who should do it, it is their right. We should allow them to do it. If what they do comes out wrong, then we should let them eat the fruits as well."

Bhagwat was speaking after some sants spoke out in favour of BJP announcing Modi as its Prime Ministerial candidate in the last elections.

At the same time, BJP chief Rajnath Singh, in Chennai, parried questions on the issue, maintaining that the BJP Parliamentary Board will decide the issue at an appropriate time.

Earlier, when asked by reporters what he thought of Modi, Bhagwat said, "He is my friend".

A section of BJP leaders have demanded that Modi be declared as the party's Prime Ministerial candidate. VHP leader Giriraj Kishore also joined the Modi-for PM chorus saying like Gujarat the whole country can benefit from his leadership as there has been tremendous development in the state under his rule.

The meeting today saw some people in the audience raising slogans in support of Modi as religious leaders gave their speeches. Bhagwat and VHP leaders Ashok Singhal and Parveen Togadia tried to pacify them with the RSS chief saying that the Sangh Parivar was "well aware of the people's wishes".

Togadia and Singhal requested that the 'dharma sansad' be allowed to remain focused on its agenda.

Raising the Ayodhya issue in his address, Bhagwat said that the RSS was fully committed to construction of Ram Temple at Ramjanmbhoomi.

"It is the obligation of Parliament to remove hurdles in the way of construction of Ram temple. Either Parliament should honour the wishes of the people or the people should elect a Parliament that is sensitive to the issue," the RSS chief said.
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Must See
Daily Mail

Feb 08, 2013
03:01 PM

Other projection for 2014 election for bjp

tamilnadu, kerala, AP = 0

karnataka - not so good,

maharashtra - the space is divided between SS, cong. NCP and bjp, maximum 12 seats for bjp.

That means out of 180 seats from the abovementioned states, how many seats bjp will actually get.!

Then comes UP, Bihar, punjab, Orissa, west bengal totaling around 200 seats. Out of this bjp may get 40 seats.

then remained gujarat, MP, rajyasthan chattisgadh, HP (bjp's bastion states) and other states. out of these 150-160 seats even if bjp could manage to secure half the seats (i.e. 70-75) the total is still hovering around 140-150 seats. It is certainly not easy way ahead for bjp.

I particularly feel pity for bjp and its leaders (not modi). no one is talking about other leaders present in the bjp. It is only modi and modi nothing else. BJP should have smartly cultivated a liberal and acceptable face like Vajpayee but they have failed on this count. Their gambling is on modi which may backfire or even end up helping cong. in election. BJP has miserably failed as an alternative party not able to wriggle out from the influence of parivar.

michael lopes, Mumbai
Feb 08, 2013
02:53 PM

>>You calling us bigots. OK. But tell me how is it going to increase bjp's tally in the election. Read the following figures:

You need to read my posts more carefully. I didn't claim he will become the PM.

RSM, Delhi
Feb 08, 2013
01:55 PM

      >>>Over the last couple of days, the Modi hating bigots have got all riled up. Maybe they see the inevitability of him becoming the PM....RSM

      >>Why show such extremist views against the possible future PM ...Lata Aunty aka joker

You calling us bigots. OK. But tell me how is it going to increase bjp's tally in the election. Read the following figures:

In the last general election out of 164 loksabha seats in Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal, Haryana, J&K, Keral, Manipur, Meghalay, Mizorome, Nagaland, Orisa, Sikkim, Tamilnadu, Tripura, Uttarkhad, Delhi,Chandigadh, Lakshyadweep & Pandecheri BJP secured 0 seats.

Out of 135 seats in UP, Punjab and West Bengal, BJP could only secure 12 seats.

That means overall out of 299 seats BJP could only get 12 seats.

If modi is declared PM candidate (it is a gamble) it may result in consolidating minority votes in favour of congress, actually it may help enhance congress chances in the election. I do not think there will be en-block, en-masse voting in favour of bjp becuase of modi because there will be varied variables (voting patterns) involved region and state-wise. Then you have the JDU which may part with in bihar.

In UP, gujarat, MP, Delhi, HP, Uttarkhand, rajyastan, chattisgadh BJP may gain because of modi or on its organisation capacity. The fair projection could be bjp - 170, cong. 170 and third to 10th front 170 throwing hung parliament.

BJP has well set out strategy. first they talked about hindutva and ram mandir. It did not work in securing majority. Then they doled out development chatter. Now they are throwing both hindutwa and development and will watch the electorate circus. Let us see what happens.

Mr. Modi unless u talk and chalk about your thoughts over communal problem (including gujarat), your speech will never be completed. 

michael lopes, Mumbai
Feb 08, 2013
01:36 PM

>>I have been waiting for 7th Feb since 17th Jan Geddit?

Nobody cares!

RSM, Delhi
Feb 08, 2013
12:01 PM

 Over the last couple of days, the Modi hating bigots have got all riled up. Maybe they see the inevitability of him becoming the PM.

I have been waiting for 7th Feb since 17th Jan Geddit? Now I shall wait for a date in mid April and that won't be because of reaction to some PR exercise to be organized by APCO before that date..

R. Saroja
Bombay, India
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