Release Innocent Muslim Youths: Muslim Law Board
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All India Muslim Personal Law Board today claimed that a large number of Muslim youths were lodged in prisons on terror charges and no charge sheet has been filed against them even after they were picked up over ten years ago.

"The board, in its executive meeting chaired by president AIMPLB Maulana Syed Mohammad Rabe Hasan Nadvi, discussed that a large number of innocent Muslim youths are lodged in the jails for the past several years," said Maulana Abdul Rahim Qureshi, board's assistant general secretary.

The board claimed that even after a decade no charge sheet has been filed against them.

"It is a matter of shame in a democratic country that though police failed to establish charges against them, the youths are still lodged in the jails for as long as 12 years," he said.

Qureshi said all such youths should be released.

The board has demanded compensation for the youths, who were acquitted by courts, he said.

"In cases where acquittal has been done by the court, compensation should be given to such youths and cases should be lodged against the concerned officials who falsely implicated them," he said.

Last month, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav had said all the Muslim youths, who were falsely implicated on terror charges, will be released soon.

In its election manifesto, the Samajwadi Party had promised to release the Muslim youths, who were framed in "false" terror charges.

Qureshi said there was uneasiness among Muslims due to intervention in their religious matters.

"Government and all secular parties should make efforts to stop the interference which is taking place in religious matters. It is due to wrong interpretation of the laws that such incidents are taking place," he said.

During the meeting, stock of Babri mosque demolition case was also taken and it was felt that the CBI was not moving at a pace it should be in the Rae Bareli case, Qureshi said.

"Such a long time has passed and only 24 witnesses have been examined. We want speedy trial," he said.

Qureshi said that the issue of compulsory registration of marriages was also raised during the meeting.

"As far as Muslims are concerned there is no marriage which does not have a record. Every marriage has nikahnama," he said.

Instead of going to registrar of marriages, the government should empower those conducting 'nikahs' and they should be included in the act.

The issue of direct taxes code also came for discussion during the board meeting.

"We feel that concessions given to religious trust and institutions in income tax and wealth tax will be abolished in the DTC," Qureshi said.

He said that the board requests the government that concessions given in IT and wealth tax to religious trusts and institutions should continue and it should be incorporated in the DTC.

He said it was decided that a general body meeting of the board will be held in Ujjain between March 22 to 24.
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Must See
Daily Mail

Feb 04, 2013
01:31 PM

Anwaar ... precisely why I make the point that "rule of law" must work and work for all. BTW, for it to work for ALL it must work for the weakest and lowest of the low. I would argue that would be rural SC/STs.

However, not solving the problem but creating fast track courts as band-aids to the hot potato for the day isn't a solution either - at some point in time, fast track courts may become the norm and hence become like the courts of today, i.e., the problem would actualy worsen than improve except for a brief moment in time.

On the other hand mass releases by executive fiat (or parliament pressure) makes a mockery of what little "rule of law" might exist. I think we already have laws to the affect that "if in x days a charge sheet isn't filed, person is released" but again our challenge the is age old 3rd world problem of "last mile - poor execution and implementation".

No good answers except attempt to fix the problem right ... "rule of law", i.e., police and judicial reforms. Working ideas from around the world are a plenty .... question is can we honestly adopt them and then implement them. For our Governing Class the present system works just great - one cannot expect them to really tinker with it and give it up - they have constructed it so carefully for their class to enjoy their games/shenanigans as a zero sum game while retaining their power, pelf and growth in income (and of course the VVV*IP status at the top of our totem pole).

Arun Maheshwari
Bangalore, India
Feb 04, 2013
01:04 PM


>>  courts and judges very much part of it, moves at a snails glacial pace at best - that is fortunately one of the only equal opportunity things.

But when it comes to arresting innocents after each blast, there is no equal opportunity!

Anwaar, Dallas
Feb 04, 2013
07:47 AM

Anwaar ... "....  I do support their demand for the release of innocent Muslim youths."

Unfortunately, "innocence" can only be determined in a court of law once "guilt is presumed". Anything else will mean continued exceptions to our ability to get to "rule of law". And in India justice delivery mechanism, courts and judges very much part of it, moves at a snails glacial pace at best - that is fortunately one of the only equal opportunity things whether by religion, caste or any other means in Desh.

So back to whether we can get to decent, functional and ever improving "rule of law" in the land. Making it just work for slices of the population more than others will result in never getting to "rule of law".

Arun Maheshwari
Bangalore, India
Feb 04, 2013
03:43 AM

What are "many other matters" you disagree with all india muslim personal law board?
Now we know what you agree with.

Pramod, Phoenix
Feb 04, 2013
01:33 AM

Although I disagree with the All India Muslim Personal Law Board on many other matters, I do support their demand for the release of innocent Muslim youths.

Anwaar, Dallas
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