Rahul Bhatt Wants Headley Extradited to India, Rot in Jail
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Aspiring actor and fitness trainer Rahul Bhatt, whose proximity to 26/11 conspirator David Headley brought him under the scanner of anti-terror agencies, feels the 35-year prison term for the LeT operative is "inappropriate" and wants him to be tried in India and "rot" in jail.

"The jail term of 35 years is inappropriate. Headley should be extradited to India and made to stand trial in Mumbai. He should be made to rot in an Indian jail," he said.

Pakistani-American Headley was yesterday sentenced to 35 years in jail by a US court for aiding and conspiring in Lashkar-e-Toiba plot to attack the country's financial capital on November 26, 2008 which left 166 dead, including foreigners, and many more injured.

Rahul, son of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt had become friends with Headley, who had recced various city landmarks as part of the 26/11 conspiracy, during the latter's visit to a gymnasium.

According to Headley's testimony, he was fond of Bhatt and wanted to recruit him as ISI agent. He had also forewarned Bhatt not to visit south Mumbai on November 26, the day when the Mumbai attacks were launched by 10 Pakistani terrorists trained by LeT.

"I knew him as an American David Coleman Headley, who loved children, dogs, everything about India and not as Daood Gilani. Because of the dichotomy of his personality, I did'nt know his insidious side," he said.

Bhatt recalled how he had once called Headley a "CIA agent", which the LeT operative did not like. "I once called him a CIA agent and he did not like it. I always had this hunch that he was associated with US intelligence agencies," he said.

Bhatt said Headley's trial in India was also necessary as the one in the US was "doctored". "He has to be tried in an sterile environment in India."

He also criticised the US' reluctance to extradite Headley to India, saying, "I understand America and India have an extradition treaty. It is the hypocrisy of the Americans... On one hand they say they want to cooperate with India in anti-terror operations and, on the other, they don't want to extradite him."
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Must See
Daily Mail

Jan 26, 2013
01:37 PM

After Shinde’s comment, Jamaat-ud-Dawa used Mahesh Bhatt’s reference on Twitter to shout its innocence and press for demand that India is declared as terrorist state. On 21st January JuD twitted…

1 We can't deny, (Hindu Terrorism) is reality - Mahesh Bhatt

2 The Indicators we got proved that Muslims were framed, when we rose
voice for them we were ridiculed - Saffron's were involved#MaheshButt

Ironically Headley was operative of LeT that is a militant wing of Jamaat ud Dawa and when he arrived in Mumbai to identify targets of attacks and entry points in city Headley ended up making Mahesh Bhatt’s son his buddy.

After attack Mahesh Bhatt vociferously promoted one book that put 26/11 blames on RSS along with Diggvijay Singh. The book accused RSS for planning and executing Mumbai attack under joint conspiracy of CIA, Mossad, Narendra Modi and RSS.

Title of the book was meant to delight many hearts and confuse the ongoing investigation by floating weird conspiracy theories coupled with rock solid permanent victimhood card.

Book achieved its target because a large section of Indian population still believes that Mumbai attack was RSS conspiracy like overwhelming Muslims around the glob believe that 9/11 was Mossad-CIA joint operation to defame Ummah.

After 26/11 Mahesh Bhatt continued to be active as conspiracy theorist with this book that claims that Hemant Karkare was killed by Mumbai Police with the help of Indian Army.

Last year after Abu Jundal was brought back to India from Saudi Arabia under US pressure, India Today magazine published a cover story in its July 2012 edition with title ‘The secrete Plot To Blame India’.

The story connects the dots to reveal agenda of Pakistan based LeT to turn 26/11 into an Indian conspiracy. The Pakistani plotters of attack were clear in their minds to leave behind enough clues which could directly point Indian connection to link Mumbai attack.

To make Mumbai attack a RSS type indigenous conspiracy, Headley purchased saffron wristbands from Siddhi Vinayak temple for 10 Pakistani gunmen who later sneaked into Mumbai from sea route.

If one has paid attention to events unfolding aftermath of Mumbai attack, famous Pakistani clown and brilliant conspiracy theorist Zaid Hamid appeared on Pakistani TV channels to forward the RSS Ki Saazish thesis.

He not only rejected Pakistani connection to attack but highlighted saffron wristband of Ajmal Kasab to pin point attackers Hindu connection.

He famously declared Azmal Kasab is not Pakistan Muslim but an Indian Hindu whose name is Amar Singh. It is relevant to mention that within Pakistan Zaid Hamid is considered to be close to Military establishment. If you are looking for some geo strategic fun with 4.5G warfare then watch him on YouTube.

Meanwhile once entire world community agreed upon established fact that Mumbai attack was planned and executed by elements based in Pakistan, the great author of RSS Ki Saazish Aziz Burney declared hands up and made upside down to apologies for writing a plot thriller than James Bond in same India Today edition.

In another significant development two days back Teherik-e-Taliban-e-Pakistan spokesman vows to attack BJP backed terror camps in Kashmir to help their oppressed Muslims brethrens.

He also declared that ongoing Jihad in Kashmir is only a drama and envisioned about practical Jihad post US withdrawal in 2014. TTP’s interest in Kashmir should be seen in context of Hurriyat leaders’ recent Pakistan trip where they have reportedly met with Hafeez Saeed and Seyed Salahuddin of Hizbul Mujahidin.

It is not difficult to imagine that Jihad industry is going to revive in Kashmir and rest of India once US wind up its operation in Afghanistan in 2014.

Gambler, Thar
Jan 26, 2013
11:02 AM

Headley chose to befriend with Mahesh Bhatt’s Son Rahul. Interesting coincidence?

Gambler, Thar
Jan 26, 2013
09:13 AM

 Rahul Bhatt is certainly not correct in his statment. Headley will not be allowed to escape from prison. In India, Headley will be treated like a VVIP and soon he will be scot free.

Bahu Virupaksha, Pondicherry
Jan 26, 2013
03:06 AM

Sometime back, In a interview published in TOI, Rahul Bhatt said, " Before Headley I was a nobody and post Headley it has turned upside down. I became famous with notoriety and infamy. . ", and now his book " Headley And I", about his friendship with 26/11 conspirator David Headley, is to be made into a movie, by producer Sunil Bohra, who has bought the rights of the book.

Headley case has not even settled down and they want their share of fame and profit by cashing on Headley infamy. The guy pretends to be duped by Headley with his suave looks and dashing personality (and may be few greenbacks as well !) for over 2 years, but forgot to alert the authority despite suspecting that he cud be a CIA agent, and being warned by him in advance for not visiting south Bombay on 26.11.2008.

Shyamal Barua, Kolkata
Jan 25, 2013
08:53 PM

"Dude, consider yourself lucky coz your father Mahesh Bhatt is well connected. Or, you'd be rotting in jail like Pragya Thakur is for 'saffron' terror."

He is not only excused, but also he is trying to milk his connection with Hadley to make money by writing a book "Hadley and I". 

NJ, United States
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