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Pilot's Love for Kachoris Delays Flight by an Hour
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According to reports, an Air India pilot faces suspension after she defied orders to switch her scheduled Mumbai-Jodhpur-Delhi flight for a direct flight from Mumbai to Delhi.

On Sunday, Captain Smriti Trehan was asked by Air India to operate its 2pm Mumbai-Delhi direct flight. However, she chose to ignore the order and stuck to her originally scheduled 12pm flight, which had a halt at Jodhpur

As per Mumbai Mirror, the reason for Captain Trehan's insistence on sticking to her original flight was that she had placed an order for Jodhpur's famous onion kachoris which were to be delivered to her at the airport.

As soon as the flight landed at Jodhpur, she collected her order and took off for Delhi.

Her refusal to swap flights as instructed, and insistence to operate her originally scheduled flight, led to a delay by an hour for AI's 2pm flight, as there was no available pilot.

Senior AI officials have ordered  a probe into the matter.

Emerging story. Watch this space for updates as more details come in
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Must See
Daily Mail

Jan 18, 2013
05:05 PM

"What's the name of the place in Jodhpur for these famous Kachoris?"

Try this place called Janta Mishthan Bhandar at Sojati Gate...Not only is the guy famous for onion kachoris but mirchi badas too...

Kiran Bagachi, mumbai
Jan 18, 2013
12:35 PM

Dear Sir,

It only happens in Air India!

Everyone knows that the sarkari system of management will find it hard to bring the pilot to book - so they cock a snook at the rules!

Navin Malhotra, New Delhi
Jan 18, 2013
12:29 PM

Air India doesnt have the right to jeopardize the lives of people by appointing such pilots.
I am sure if a thorough backgroung check of this woman pilot is carried out lot of OMG facts will come out !!

Jo Mb, kolkata
Jan 18, 2013
11:25 AM

 Very interesting story. However, there are some questions to be answered besides the most important one, which of course is the name of the kachori shop.

1. What happened to the pilot scheduled to fly at 12 pm in lieu of Ms Trehan?
2. Did she physically haul him out of the cockpit and toss him to the ground?
3. What were the AI ground staff and ops management doing while these shenanigans were going on?
4. Why couldn't the pilot tossed out of the 12 pm plane fly the 2 pm flight?
5. Why did AI not order extra kachoris to be given to the 2 pm passengers as compensation? Trehan could have collected the and handed them over at Delhi since she was 2 hours ahead.
6. Where is MALE UNHINGED?

Bonita, Chennai
Jan 18, 2013
10:56 AM

>> "Pilot's love for kachoris is better than pilot's love for whiskey!"

Absolutely. Better a delayed departure than nonarrival.

K.Suresh, Bangalore
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