Pakistan Behind Hyderabad Blasts: Advani
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BJP leader L K Advani today blamed Pakistan squarely for Thursday's blasts in Hyderabad, saying it is involved in a proxy war against India.

"The neighbouring country has not been successful in waging a war against India in the last few decades, so it has resorted to proxy war," Advani told reporters here.

"The neighbouring country has taken recourse to terrorism to trouble India," he said, adding, "there is no doubt that there is the hand of the neighbouring country in Hyderabad blasts."

Pakistan should abide by the commitment made during the meeting between Vajpayee and Musharraf, whereby Pakistan undertook not to allow its soil to be used for terror acts against India, Advani said.

The neighbouring country cannot wash its hands of the Hyderabad blasts, he said.

The death toll in the blasts in Hyderabad now stands at 16 with the number of injured being put at 117.
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Must See
Daily Mail

Feb 25, 2013
06:36 PM

 "Advani, as the leader of the mob that demolished Babri Mosque, bears more responsibility for terrorism, riots and deaths in Mumbai, Gujarat and the rest of the country than anyone else."

But at least Advani s not responsible for the fact that Anwaar is a nut case.

Rakhal, Philadelphia
Feb 25, 2013
01:32 PM

>>Advani, as the leader of the mob that demolished Babri Mosque, bears more responsibility for terrorism,

Jihadis will always hold others responsible for their terror activities, never themselves.

RSM, Delhi
Feb 24, 2013
12:52 PM


I never endorsed any of Amaresh Misra's tweets. I see that you have bracketed him with Advani!

Anwaar, Dallas
Feb 24, 2013
09:50 AM

Perfect timing of blasts in a state under Congress rule.UPA Govt hanged Afzal Guru, a suspect in Parliment attack case without a propper trial and the turmoil erupted in Kashmir valley due to this clandestine execution which was being demanded by Hindutva/Brahmanavad communal forces led by L.K.Advani. When Bangaru Laxman of Brahmana Janata Party was caught on camera while accepting bribes from mock arms dealers and when NDA govt led by BJP plunged in scandal in connection with coffin purchase for military, Parliment attack was very necessary for Hindutva/Brahmanavad party to divert the national attention.

By the way, Intensity of the blasts reminds me of Mecca masjid terror attack. Can L.K.Advani blame Pakistan for Mecca Masjid terror attack? Advaniji, please let the investigation be completed first. Everybody knows that Police in Andhra Pradesh is working hands in glove with terror outfits like RSS, VHP, BD etc.  

E.V.R.Naiker, Chennai
Feb 24, 2013
08:34 AM


shouldn't Advani let the investigative agencies speak first?

Correct. But please also address this to people like your buddy Amaresh Misra. And to tink someone like him is Convenor of the Anti-Communal Cell of the UPCC.

I also think our investigative agencies talk too much. Let them gather their evidence, connect the dots and nab the culprits before sounding off in public. Press conferences should be interactions with the public to get information, not exercises in patting their backs. 

And should we let him forget his role in the sorry history of communal violence in our country?

You have your view which is not shared by the majority so let's leave it at that. I do think he should retire, however. Many politicians, Advani MMS,Karunanidhi, Achutanandan to name a few have passed their sell by date and should make way for the youngsters in the 60-70 age group.

Bonita, Chennai
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