Pak Hindu Woman Says She Converted Without Force
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A Hindu woman who was alleged to have been kidnapped and forcefully converted, has told a Pakistan court that she embraced Islam without any coercion and married a Muslim man out of her own free will.

Lata Kumari, who was allegedly abducted from the Defence area of Karachi on February 2, recorded her statement before Judicial Magistrate Hatim Aziz Solangi yesterday.

Last week, the Supreme Court had directed authorities to produce three women, including Lata, who were allegedly kidnapped or forcibly taken away in Sindh province, by March 26.

During her appearance in court yesterday, the woman testified that her former name was Lata Kumari and that she had changed it to Hafsa after embracing Islam.

She further said she married Nadir Baig, an engineer, of her own free will under Islamic laws.

Lata said a case filed against her husband regarding her kidnapping was "baseless".

The magistrate recorded the woman's statement in the presence of her husband.

Earlier, when the investigation officer produced the woman in court, a lawyer who said he was her counsel requested the magistrate to defer the matter.

Another lawyer, who was representing Baig, claimed that he too was the counsel for the woman and asked the court to record her statement.

The woman too said the second lawyer was representing her and the court recorded her testimony after completing certain legal formalities.

The magistrate directed Baig to cooperate with police after the investigation officer complained he was not cooperating after obtaining pre-arrest bail.

A case of kidnapping was registered against Baig under the Pakistan Penal Code following a complaint from the woman's father, Ramesh Kumar.

Rinkle Kumari, another Hindu girl whose production was sought by the apex court, yesterday told the Sindh High Court that she too had voluntarily converted and married a Muslim man.

The High Court directed police to place her in a state-run women's home till she is produced in the apex court on March 26.

Sindh and Balochistan provinces have sizeable Hindu populations.

Hindus account for less than three per cent of Pakistan's population of 180 million.
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Must See
Daily Mail

Apr 26, 2012
12:07 PM

We're told the girl ran away and converted to another religion. No wait -- she ran away, converted to another religion, has a new name, and is now married -- all in less than 24 hours. Difficult to imagine? How about if I ask you to rewind and hit 'Play' once a day, every day, knowing that with each replay, it is another cherished daughter of a new set of parents who has gone missing? Would you sit there and do nothing? What if I tell you that this isn't at all difficult to imagine for Hindu and Christian families in Pakistan? This tragic story is their story -- the only difference being that it rarely makes news.

Indeed, increased media attention is a start to increasing public awareness and pressure, but when are freedom-respecting citizens of the world and, especially those in Pakistan, going to step up to the plate and end this terror? How many Rinkels and Rachnas will have to face a life stripped of dignity and freedom of conscience? How many families are going to have to lose their cherished daughters to physical, psychological and religious violence?

Whats InAName, San Francisco
Mar 17, 2012
05:13 PM
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Jo Mb, kolkata
Mar 17, 2012
01:26 PM

>> A lone Congressman writing a letter to Zardari is not the same thing as "Jolts US out of Slumber"

Nor is it the same thing as

"one Congressman commenting on it because he was asked to comment on it"

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Mar 17, 2012
02:37 AM


>> Any non-Muslim opting to marry a Muslim has to convert...there is no choice in this matter.

You speak like a maulana! In the Bible Saint Paul says, "“Do not be bound together with unbelievers, for what has a believer in common with an unbeliever?” But we all know Christians who are married to Jews or Hindus.  Muslim/non-Muslim marriages in which neither party converts are admittedly few, but I know such marriages and also know that these couples are living happily ever after.

Anwaar, Dallas
Mar 17, 2012
12:22 AM

 "In my circle, I have maintained the position that in mixed marriages, each partner should keep his/her faith if he/she so chooses"...Anwaar

A highly un-Islamic statement if there ever was one. Any non-Muslim opting to marry a Muslim has to convert...there is no choice in this matter. Correct me if I am wrong

D.L.Narayan, Visakhapatnam
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