No Muslim Reservation in Kishenganj Campus: AMU
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Aligarh Muslim University Vice Chancellor P K Abdul Azis today said there was "no provision" for reservation for Muslims in the new campus of the University being set up here.

"There is no no provision for reservation for Muslims in the new campus of AMU being set up in Kishanganj," Azis told reporters here before leaving for New Delhi.

He said the academic activities in the new centre here would begin from July 2012 for Management and Law.

"But, we do not not have any proposal for starting engineering or medical college here," he said.

The Centre would spend Rs 1000 crore for the opening of the new centre of AMU here in next 10 years, Azis said.

Decks were cleared for opening of a Centre of Aligarh Muslim University in Kishanganj district with the Bihar government and the AMU Vice Chancellor signing an agreement for construction of the facility on a plot of 224.02 acre at Chakla village here yesterday.

Ajij and Kishanganj District Magistrate Sandip Kumar Pudkalkutty had inked the agreement here paving way for to start the construction of the AMU centre, officials said.
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Daily Mail

Jan 11, 2012
10:05 PM

Janab Ghai sahib namashkar

I agree with you on most points. Educated Muslims also think the same way. Education is the key to come out from the clutches of the clergy in any society. Educated Muslims do not bother about clergy at all. This hold will go away further if the education in Muslims is common. Muslim girls are getting education as well. I know  many families who denied education to their girls few decades ago due to society pressure have Ph.Ds in their homes.

The big problem lies with the "have nots". Education and economy has a direct relationship. It is normally said that Muslims are poor because they are uneducated and they are uneducated because they are economically week.  A poor laborer Muslim prefers sending his child to work rather than school to feed several mouths in his home. He has more children because he thinks that more children will bring more wages to home. He does it because he is not educated and do not understand the value of education.

These poor Muslims are not able to break this cycle on their own. They need help either from NGOs or the Government. NGOs are not there so the Government intervention will definitely make a difference.


Ahtashamuddin, Mississauga
Jan 09, 2012
07:54 PM

So keep Muslims terrorized and let them eternally -Taa Kayamat wait for Sachar Report Implementation and solution of Cow Slaughter !

(corrected )

a k ghai
mumbai, India
Jan 09, 2012
07:46 PM

I will further advise Ramki jee to visit various villages in Mewat, Haryana and in Meerut, Muzaffar Nagar, Bulandshahar of Western UP such a Khatauli, Muradnagar, Sardhana, Hapur, Lawar, Mawana, Purqazi, etc to see the pitiable conditions of Muslims"

Ahtashamuddin sahib

I have visited majority of the above cities and Kasabas .Additionally I a regularly visit Nazibabad around Muslim belt .Lack of education and waiting for the Govt to do some thing for the backward Muslims is root cause of poverty among the Muslims.Lack of will to educate the females is other reason as 50% Muslim population is debarred by the clergy to earn livelihood .

Reason is the hold of Clergy and perfidy of of the so called Seculars and Muslim Intelligentsia specially educated Muslims in India and World over .They keep on engaged Muslims busy with Modi,Cow Slaughter ,what Gowalkar did or what Godse did or what RSS did or  is doing etc.

Muslims are kept busy with so called Secular Politics which aims for  confrontation with Hindus .Motto is keep terrorized the Muslims showing RSS or Bajrangi or Modi or keep happy Muslims showing Sachar,Rang Nath Misra or hundreds other such Reports .All Uplift Schemes initiated by Congress and none implemented by them  for the last 65 yrs .But these tricks  result in Votes for Secus .

Emancipation of Muslims will come only and only when they understand that the real emancipation can't come without co-operation and participation of Hindus . But this Secus and clergy will never allow as their Dukandari cum Dhanda will end .

Slaughter of cow banned right from Nehru's times .Indira made it a criminal act if cow is killed .So what is the issue ??

Raising Cow slaughter every time when Elections are due . Say cleverly that cow's meat is cheaper than chicken and goat  meat .Incidentally this argument that cow's meat is cheaper- I have heard from Mumbai to Border of Bangladesh to Jammu .This  fraud drummed into minds of Muslims all over India .Same words all over India !
Can some on elegally kill a Cow in India ?? NO !

Cow slaughter issue or Muslims' reservations or even security of the Muslims or education of Muslim Samaj will not resolve without Mutual interaction and co-operation of the majority . But this will not be allowed as as  Govt specially Seculars of Congress variety will loose their Vote Banks .So keep Muslims terrorized and internally in wait for Sachar Report  Implementation.

No doubt MP Law is stupid and unconstitutional .But equally clever but deceitful is the the Hai Tobha of Secus,Clergy and the so called sympathizers of the Muslims because BJP is angling for Hindu Votes and Secus are as usual fishing for Muslims votes .

It is not Cow but it is the Vote issue !
Hence why Gowalkar petitioned ?? Friends- Mr Gowalkar died long time back let the living ones live now
Cow can't be slaughtered legally in India .

So what is the issue now ??? VOTES !!! YES VOTES !!!

a k ghai
mumbai, India
Jan 09, 2012
09:28 AM

Dear Ramki Jee

Thanks for emotinal statements far from reality. Urban India, 25% of the total population, is mad after films and cricket and perhaps see India by the lens of these two fantasy professions. The writer has picked up these two wrong professions to put forward her reservation arguments. Unfortunately, artists and the sportsmen do not need higher education but God gifted skills and physical training. General public plays a vital role in their success, and hence discrimination cannot remain hidden for long. Icons like Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Amitabh Bachan, Shahrukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar etc are/were either high school or simple graduates. Muslims are very good at other skilled trades where they have left behind rest of the country. These include carpentry, auto-mechanic, general mechanic, masons, embroiders in Lucknow, carpet weavers in Bhadoi in Varansi, bangle molders and makers in Firozabad, brass metal workers in Moradabad, handloom weavers in Meerut, Varanasi, and various cities of West Bengal etc. Off course, they have mastery in street begging as well. All of these masters of their trades are 100 percent illiterate. They and their children will remain so until the government does not support them to get education and get while collar jobs as it did for Harijans.

Shahrukh Khan definitely does not need any reservation for his children but many Muslims living in Haveli Azam Khan, Chitli Qabar, Seelampur, Azadpur etc definitely need it. These places are not far from Shahrukh’s parental home in Delhi. I will advise Ramki Jee from Delhi to visit these places for her knowledge.

There is another India, my India, which is found in the villages and small towns that comprises 75% of population. I will further advise Ramki jee to visit various villages in Mewat, Haryana and in Meerut, Muzaffar Nagar, Bulandshahar of Western UP such a Khatauli, Muradnagar, Sardhana, Hapur, Lawar, Mawana, Purqazi, etc to see the pitiable conditions of Muslims. These places are hardly one or two hours drive from Ramki Jee’s Metropolitan effluent Delhi. Please go for a long drive on a Sunday to see real India.

I agree with Ramki Jee that all the Madarsa’s should have 87 percent reservation for nonMuslims. Believe me, these seminaries will be very happy to admit non-Muslims and teach them their syllabus. I also agree that all the four Muslim Universities should have 87 percent reservations for other communities provided 13 percent seats are reserved for Muslims throughout India. By the way, these minority institutions have only 50 percent reservation for Muslims.

There is another interesting statistics about jobs. Two Muslim billionaires in India, owners of WIPRO and CIPLA, employ over 80 percent of non-Muslims in their respective companies while Muslim’s share in other businesses is merely 3 to 4 percent.

I will further advise Ramki Jee to study the reports of Sachar Committee headed by Rajinder Sachar, former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court and Ranganath Commission headed by former Chief Justice of India Rangnath Mishra for detailed information.

In my personal opinion, that the reservation for Muslims should be made for 10 years and the situation be assessed every 5 years thereafter. My dear Ramki Jee! don’t you think that the children of poor Muslims have the same rights of education and job as the majority community?

It is wrong to say that businesses do not use the national resources. Do you think that Ambanis 100 percent own their businesses? Not at all. They personally own hardly 15 percent. Rest is shares owned by the general public including Muslims and loans from national banks, a national resource. Therefore, they should also employ the qualified Muslims proportionately.

Kindest regards.

Ahtashamuddin, Mississauga
Jan 07, 2012
03:24 PM

Ahtashamuddin >> Many western countries still have some provisions for blacks even today

None of the western nations have provisions based on religion. Infact reservation based on religion is simply not possible in a secular state. WHy? Read below if you wish to be bored:

1. Suppose there are 100 govt jobs and 13 jobs are reserved to Muslims based on some cutoff criteria (first class graduate ). Say there are only 12 Muslim applicants.

2. A hindu meets this cutoff criteria , converts to Islam and applies for the job. So as per reservation he should be given the job. In other words, reservation policy actually encourages conversion which is against constitution of India.

3. Now suppose in point 1, we have 13 muslim applicants and 13 jobs reserved for muslims. All applicants get jobs and do their work. one year latter, oneof the muslims decides to convert to say Sikhism due to some personal reason. Question is - Will he be sacked out of the job because quota rule is violated? Or should be he be not sacked - because freedom to convert faith is guaranteed in constitution?

4. Suppose somone is born an orphan, raised in an institution and lives as an atheist, how he will benefit from this reservation ? Or will there be reservation for atheists in jobs?

Ramki, Delhi
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